Did you know How to Keep your Home Network Safe? Or How to secure your entire home? Or Why do you need to secure your home WiFi router?

How to Keep your Home Network Safe

Home WiFi routers are directly accessible from the Internet and are easily discoverable. However, keep in mind that anyone with the right WiFi hacking tools can access your WiFi network and steal your data. Securing your router also prevents eavesdroppers from listening to your network traffic at your office or home. WiFi may be convenient, but unsecured networks can lead to data traffic or other cyber crimes.

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How are you Securing your Home Network?

By disabling the wireless network when you are not at home or improving your WiFi security. You can achieve this by enabling network encryption and choosing a unique or secure password for your wireless network. You can also change the name of your home wireless network. But these are not the best ways to ultimately secure your home network. To protect your family and your home network, you need the right kind of gadget that can guarantee security for you.

How to Keep your Home Network Safe

Today we are showing you a complete guide to the risks that accompany simply being online & keeping your home network safe from hackers. Nowadays, home safety should be one of the top priorities when moving into a house. Feeling secure in your home is important nowadays, whether you are a homeowner or a renter. So that’s why security plays a central role. So that is why we are going to talk about gadgets that can secure the entire network of connected devices in your home.

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How to Keep your Home Network Safe

One such example is the new Bitdefender Box. This thing will protect all devices that are linked to your WiFi network. That can analyze the internet traffic that goes through your WiFi router and blocks malware and phishing attempts. So you & your family are safe when using your devices. With 14 years in digital security, Bitdefender is the great eyeliner when it comes to protecting your home network. You can patch the holes in your home network security from your WiFi to avoid the hacker’s attack. All Bitdefender security products come with the Network Security feature. The new Bitdefender Box is a small hardware-based security solution. So with it, you can quickly secure your entire home network in the least amount of time.

Features of the Bitdefender Box –

  • Mobile Management
  • URL Blacklist
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Bitdefender is a smart security tool for all your connected devices. It is a piece of hardware that protects each and every tablet, phone, PC & smart device on your network. It is a radical internet security solution that incorporates software, cloud & hardware designed to protect your smart home & your family. Bitdefender box can protect all your devices connected to the internet, not just only your desktop PC or your laptop. It will even secure other home appliances & gadgets like the gaming console, WiFi thermostats, smart TVs, refrigerators, and many more things.

Bitdefender Box Specifications –

bitdefender box

Software Specifications:

Supported Platforms: Windows 7 (SP1) & later (32 & 64 bit)
Management App.: IOS 7 or higher Android 4 or higher

Hardware Specifications:

Color: White
Bandwidth: 100Mbps
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Weight: 3.24 oz. /92g
Size: 3.5×3.5×1.1 in

So here is all you need to know about the Bitdefender box. Bitdefender is also award-winning cyber security protection. So, now you can no longer need any other antivirus software security products. The box on its own provides total security across all platforms. It basically comes with a total security subscription as well as the freedom to deploy it on an unlimited number of devices.