If you have ever used virtualization you might know about one common issue, that is the in-system communication issue. That is virtual machines face issues while detecting the USB devices. This is one of the common issues that is faced by users. No matter what you connect be it a Thumb drive, Camera, Smartphone, Printer, Projector, Scanner, etc. The virtual machine fails to detect any of the USB devices. To fix this issue instantly today I am presenting you with a solution called FlexiHub.

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

What is FlexiHub?

In a nutshell, Flexihub is an instant solution to access your USB devices remotely across the network. You can access a mass storage device, camera, smartphone, printer, projector anything that can be connected using the USB to your host machine.

Although the device is connected to the host machine, you can do all the operations like manage, move, copy, delete, rename as if the device is connected to USB in a virtual machine. It can easily be used individually, in small scale business and big enterprises.

How to Access USB Devices Remotely Over the Internet Using FlexiHub

Flexihub is very easy to use and setting it up is even easier. To understand how to access USB over internet using Flexihub below is an easy to use guide. Follow the steps to easily set up and get started.

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

On Server/Host OS

  • STEP 1. Head to the Flexihub official website and create your account

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

  • STEP 2. Once the account is created, download the Flexihub tool depending on your OS

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

  • STEP 3. Now install the program
  • STEP 4. Once the program is installed login and connect your desired USB device

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

On Client/Virtual Machine

  • STEP 1. Download the Flexihub tool from the official website
  • STEP 2. Once downloaded, install the tool
  • STEP 3. Simply login using your ID
  • STEP 4. As soon as you log in you can access all the USB devices that are connected to the Server/Host machine

How to Make a USB Connection in a Virtual Machine

From the above steps, you can see how easy it is to set up Flexihub. You do not have to install anything extra apart from the program itself. There is no need to configure anything. Simply install, login, connect, and access the devices easily.

How FlexiHub is Better?

Surely the question arises that how Flexihub is better than the other remote connection services.

No Extra or In-Depth Configuration

The first thing is the ease of usability. Once you have installed the program in your server or the host machine. You are done. There is no need to install any extra driver, there is no need to configure ports, there is no need to assign any IPs or configure it.

Effortless Communication

One of the best things about Flexihub is that to maintain communication to the devices you do not have to be connected to the same network. The server machine and the client machine can be of different networks.

Fully Secured Transmission

All the data that is being transferred between the server and the client machine is fully secured using the 2048-bit SSL encryption. So you can easily access the data without having to worry about any digital theft.

Available for Multiple Platforms

With Flexihub You can experience seamless connections and access USB devices across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Unique Features of FlexiHub

Flexihub has various unique features that makes it the top choice over any other remote access service.

Login Tokens

With the FlexiHub you can create login tokens. These tokens allow other users to use your account to access USB devices over the network. Tokens are a great way to share your account without compromising safety.

Keep Connection Active

Suppose you are accessing a USB device and transferring data and suddenly the internet stops working. In this case, you have to start all over as the data gets corrupted. But not if ‘Keep connection active’ is turned on so no need to worry about data being corrupt.

Block USB Devices

Flexihub allows you to block a USB device. You can prevent other users to use or access certain USB devices that you do not want them to access.


Virtual machines are known to have some issues while detecting USB devices. This can be ignored if you are an individual but not if you have a business. Even if you somehow make it work there are some limitations. With Flexihub these issues can easily be fixed instantly. The article talks deeply about all the benefits of Flexihub and its working.

We hope that you have gained some knowledge. For more exciting tech articles follow us. Thank you!