Tapes have been on the market for many years. People use them for different reasons, including joining two surfaces, insulation, repairing, and a suitable screw and fastener alternative.

What is Important to Know About Taping for Motor Manufacturing

When shopping for the best tape for your vehicle, it can take time because there’s a lot you need to consider. It is also important to bear in mind that these tapes have many uses. We will list some of these that we think are important for you to know when using automotive tapes in this article.

So, read further to get more information on this.

Understand the Use of the Tapes

Before you think about anything else, you need to understand vehicle manufacturers use tapes on the different parts of the vehicle, such as armrests, sunroofs, electrical wire, and emblems. On the other hand, as much as these parts need tapes, the manufacturer understands that each tape performs a different purpose, which means that they’ll use them depending on what these tapes can do.

For instance, when painting, using masking tapes would be the most preferred tape because it ensures that the paint doesn’t go beyond the expected path. It is also effortless to remove.

Here are examples of tape for automotive and how to use them:

  • Electrical Tapes: They are useful in covering wires. These tapes come in different colors to match the wire’s voltage and phase markings
  • Duct Tape: Even though most of them are appropriate for HVAC, vehicle manufacturers use them to join fabrics together
  • Masking Tape: They are best useful for painting. You can also use them to make permanent covering and repairs
  • Double-Sided Tape: Most manufacturers use them for attaching emblems and other accessories
  • Self-Vulcanizing Tape: These tapes have a strong bonding strength, making them suitable for insulation and plumbing.

Different Brands in the Market

As you do your shopping for the best tapes in the market, you’ll come across different brands. Some are effective, while others don’t do what they should do exactly. Therefore, taking time before considering the right tape is essential.

First, do your homework. Review as many tapes in the market, know what they provide and what they can’t. A good rule of thumb is to know what type of tape you want. If you’d like a tape that you can use for insulation, for instance, avoid buying tapes with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label.

Go for reputable brands. Those tested and proved tapes will do you good and will serve you in the best way possible.

And if you are buying from a dealer, go for a reliable one. If they operate online, they should deliver the tape to you within the shortest time possible.

Consider the Bonding Strength

Each tape has its strength and weakness. But you can’t rule out a tape’s strength, mainly if you use it inappropriately. It’s more like using masking tape for insulation rather than naan adhesive tape.

Bonding strength refers to the way a tape sticks to the surface on which you place it. Tapes with a higher bonding strength will stick to a surface for a long time without wearing out. Those with low bonding strength might not, and would be easy to remove or expose parts that should remain sealed.

On the other hand, as you consider the bonding strength, know that tapes with a higher tendency to stick to the surface can be challenging to remove. They can leave some of the glue behind. But it depends on the surface.

Think About the Tape’s Thickness

As you think about using the tape, another thing that should be at the back of the mind is the thickness of that tape. Consider the surface that you want the tape. Then think about how much type is necessary to cover that area.

Now, different brands package their tapes differently. For instance, if you are looking for UHMW tape for motors, choosing a thick tape is essential. The length will cover a broad surface, and its thickness will ensure that you don’t have to use a lot of it.


As you can see from the article, the most important thing while buying any tape is to know its purpose first. If you make that a priority, there’s a lower chance that you’ll buy a lousy tape, and choosing the best one will be super easy.

In addition to that, you’ll come across various brands in the market. Go for reliable brands that provide tapes with high bonding strength, high quality, and the right thickness and length.