These days, corporations tend to simplify all of their corporate operations for reliable and productive mapping. Organizations will become technologically innovative at the same time. Some companies prefer to adhere to the old standard signing form, which is wet ink signatures and paper, when it applies to streamlining the signing process.

How To Sign Documents Online

The signing of the document continues to reduce the signing process’s speed as it relies solely on the involvement of the signatory, and other procedures such as copying, scanning, emailing would accelerate the timetable. 

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What’s an Electronic Signature? 

An electronic signature is an encrypted version of a signature that signifies that an electronic document or documentation has been accepted. And the program that helps individuals to sign a contract electronically can be considered software for electronic signatures.

Using a device, notebook, or mobile, you will upload a document and then email it to multiple users using the program. This way, without needing to go through the conventional protocol, they will sign it digitally. You can obtain and save signatures easily with eSignature software as well.

Are Electronic Signatures Legal? 

Yes. By every means, electronic signatures are Legitimately binding. 

The US implemented the ESIGN Act in the year 2000, making eSignatures valid for any simulated usage. Likewise, other areas around the world, such as the elDAS in Europe, have followed suit. Today, to conduct contracts on paper, businesses and entrepreneurs do not have to stay constrained.

What is the Best E-Signature Solution to Use?

By using CocoSign, speed the work from contracts, bid letters, and account openings to receipts. Submit contracts and get them signed with encryption electronically, no matter what computer you or the other party uses.

What is the Best E-Signature Solution to Use

With CocoSign, You can,

  1. Eradicate repeated physical operations and save excessively expended dollars; use their smooth products and outstanding characteristics instead. For Linux, Windows, and iOS, it offers software for three devices so that you can run from anywhere. 
  2. Please get to know the state of your arrangement as to how far it has come in the process and automatically set reminders at each phase to receive updates. You may add common fields, such as date and signature, in your agreement or build unique fields and save them.
  3. Sign documents online with CocoSign check it. Using CocoSign will optimize the whole procedure and also save time by preserving documents that you often are using and reusing the receiver routing, custom fields, etc., used for these papers. 
  4. You can also link and integrate CocoSign with the platforms and applications you use since it supports various Salesforce, Google Apps, SAP, etc. CocoSign’s robust technology helps you to provide 99.99 percent accessibility, highly required for your work. 
  5. You don’t have to worry about confidentiality, as CocoSign follows strict universal security requirements, including those of the EU and the US. It also utilizes efficient and sophisticated data encryption technology. 

CocoSign is compliant with regulatory authorities such as the UETA, the US ESIGN Act, and the EU elDAS. With the records, they also store and create detailed audit trails.

How to Sign Documents Online with CocoSign? 

Signing online for most online signature solutions is not only easy but also easy and automatic. You can do it in fast, simple measures. For example, by using the CocoSign signing platform, you can sign hundreds of documents in three stages. 

Let’s go through the process of applying signatures using CocoSign to your documents easily. 

Select a File

Go to the Sign Documents Web website for CocoSign. Here you get the option of downloading documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Box or selecting it from your local computer.

Adding Signatories

If you leave the box unchecked and signal that the declaration has several signatories, you will be led to another window where you’ll be asked to enter the email account and other signatories’ names. 


You would need to have a signature area in which the signature is supposed to be added before signing a contract. Instead of a drawn signature to the letter, you can also add text, names, dates, and email addresses. 

Download Signed Records

Downloading or exchanging the records with interested parties is the final step. The paper is sent to the email accounts given earlier with an introductory message for contracts with several singers. This text is optional, though.

What are the Benefits of Using E-Signatures?


Certain things need to be addressed when a company chooses to move from paper to digital, as records contain sensitive information and need to be safely stored. Therefore, as you want to sign contracts electronically, authentication becomes an important feature. 

What are the Benefits of Using E-Signatures

You get Cryptographic protection on the documents with CocoSign. With 100 percent encryption on the records, CocoSign promises you that they can not be interfered with by any possibility. 

Fast and Easy

One of the main features of online signed documents is that the process will be swift and that users will be able to sign easily at any time without any software limitations. The signature process will take a minimum of steps and should not take long.

Ease of Usage

The solution’s user Interface is usually easy for everyone to use and sign papers simply. Even if CocoSign is new to a person, they will be able to use this on any computer. It takes only 60 seconds to sign any document & save or share it.   


CocoSign is very cost-effective. This not only minimizes paper signing activities but also minimizes the expense of writing, editing, and preserving records.

Don’t spend your money on commuting costs or purchasing more paper and ink. Plus, certain workers engaged in copying, printing, and distributing the papers will also be released to focus on other essential tasks.

Environment Friendly

In producing paper per year, tonnes of paper are used, which deteriorates the climate. To conserve trees and the climate, go paperless so that the next generation has a greener world than we do.

The Conclusion:

It is still a safe thing for organizations to be paperless. Online signing of papers can enable companies to become more innovative and take control of the environment as well. It also aids organizations in lowering expenses. However, compliance organizations should choose architecture technologies like CocoSign that provide the documents with the highest protection.