If this year has shown us anything, it is that companies are really good at pivoting on the fly. Because of COVID-19, many employees who usually had a 20-minute commute to the office now have a two-room commute to get to the guest room-turned-workspace.

Technology Enterprise Businesses Need Now

As 2020 is coming to a close, and the owners of enterprise businesses are thinking about purchasing new technology to start 2021 off in a positive way, they may want to think about their team of remote employees who have adapted to this current way of working and ensure that they have everything they need to be successful from home.

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Laptops With Apps a’ Plenty

Chances are good, and your employees don’t have constant access to a computer at home. They might confess that sometimes they have to check work e-mail and try to do projects from their phone or tablet because their middle schooler has nabbed the laptop for science class or their spouse is also trying to meet some work deadlines.

To help alleviate this situation, enterprise business owners might consider investing in laptops that they can loan out to their entire team. To help with this, Inc.com suggests seven laptops that are especially good for the remote working crowd. To avoid hurt feelings, equip everyone with a new loaner computer and then pre-load it with chat apps and web conferencing software so your remote team can still check in with you and each other about work or fun topics.

Anti-Virus Software Is a Must

While you trust your remote team to take good care of their computers at home, you still want to take measures to safeguard your sensitive company data. As CI Security notes, make it a rule that work data stays on the company-issued computer and employees keep the laptop at home in either an office that can be locked or in a safe location when not in use.

You should also purchase a robust anti-virus and malware software program for each laptop and ensure that the updates are done regularly. While new computers often come equipped with antivirus protection, it is worth upgrading to the business-grade security option. Additionally, to help keep the company data safe, your team should also access backup solutions on the laptops.

Software to Better Manage Your Team

All things considered, you have done a really great job keeping in touch with your remote team with regular virtual meetings. You also have encouraged your employees not to be shy about texting you with questions at any time. To bring your ability to successfully manage your team to the next level, consider investing in some innovative software that makes employee management and communication even more seamless. The software will let you clearly state work expectations, set schedules, and check in on tasks. On the flip side, your remote team can access the schedules and adjust them as needed to be more flexible.

As a bonus, once your communication and task management is more streamlined with this software’s help, customers will be happier than ever with your enterprise business. Your employees should also feel more engaged and committed to their new working methods.

Good Technology Leads to Great Business

Even companies with pretty smooth at-home operations can benefit from some new technology. A new computer loan program will alleviate the stress of many of your employees, security software will keep your company’s sensitive data safe, and an employee management software program can help with communication and productivity, two things that any enterprise business needs for success.