Studying is a significant aspect of students and their educational pursuits. Studying gives students the ability to test their knowledge on topics learned while acquiring new information. With the closure of schools and the introduction of remote learning due to the Covid -19 pandemic, many persons have had to readjust to that new normal of learning which is the same with studying. Studying during a pandemic requires students to be focused, dedicated, and exercise time management more than ever, simply because it is challenging and a new experience for all. Below you will find seven (7) tips students can use to study during the pandemic.

How to Study During a Pandemic

  1. Create a Study Schedule/Have a Daily Routine: A detailed study schedule will help students focus on essential topics and things they need to get done. In addition, having a schedule and a routine will give students the direction they need to accomplish their weekly or monthly target.
  2. Have a Designated Study Space: Students must identify an area in their homes that is more likely to increase their productivity and use it as their study area. The study area should have all the materials needed to execute effective studying, and it should be bel as comfortable as possible. Studying before the pandemic allowed students to study at the library, in a park, or a cafe shop. However, that has changed, so students should choose an organized area to make studying as enjoyable and exciting as possible.
  3. Get Rid of Distractions: Avoid using cell phones, social media, or anything that may cause you to lose focus and become frustrated while studying. It is also important to note that distractions come in many forms and you should take stock of the ones that distract you the most.
  4. Inform Family About your Study Schedule: Informing family members about your study schedule will give you enough quiet time to focus on your studies without disturbance, or students can study when family members are sleeping to maximize study time.
  5. Use Productivity Apps: Many apps such as Outlook, Evernote, and Todoist can maximize students’ study efforts, making it more effective and fun. is another tool students can utilize that helps them write graded essays or coursework while they focus on studying.
  6. Study with Friends & Classmates Online: Using the help of friends and classmates will make studying more fun and effective during the pandemic. Through online study groups, students can motivate and support each other while solving problems together.
  7. Manage your Mental Health: Your mental health is the most critical aspect of studying. A stable solid mental health will give students the drive and concentration needed to focus on their studies. Students can manage their mental health by watching less news, taking a break, and using relaxation techniques to stay afloat.

Living in a pandemic can be challenging and very unpredictable and so it is with attending school (remotely) and studying. However, with careful planning, dedication and focus students can not only study during the pandemic but study and ace all their courses and exams. Achieving this includes: Students developing a routine, get rid of distractions, use productivity apps, connect with friends online, and manage their mental health.

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