This is the possible issue that might come across the mind of an individual for transferring the captured memories or picture from your iPhone to another Android device. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android article will highlight some of the easy steps through you will be able to perform without any hassle. The method to fix the issue has been given below.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

(Guide) How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Devices

So here we are guiding you on how to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android devices easily & quickly. So just check it out,

1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android through PC –

The most effortless approach to exchange your photographs is to relocate the pictures from the phone’s default folder to Android’s picture folder. For this, you will require a Windows PC and USB links for both your iPhone and Android device. Ensure that you’ve introduced the gadget drivers of the two telephones with the goal that your PC will distinguish them.

through PC

Step by Step Instructions to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android through PC:

  • Take after the means beneath to relocate your iPhone photographs to your Android telephone:
  • Associate your iPhone to your PC using the USB connection. Do likewise for your Android telephone.
  • On your Windows PC, open My Computer.
  • You ought to have the capacity to see two new drives or passages under Portable Devices. One is for your iPhone stockpiling (generally named “Apple iPhone” or “Elmer’s iPhone” or something comparable).
  • The other is for your Android. On the off-chance that you don’t see them, have a go at introducing the telephone drivers.
  • Open the iPhone’s folder in another window.
  • Open your Android’s folder in another window. This will allow to view and access the data of the iPhone on the system that you have been looking to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android.
  • On the window for your phone’s stockpiling, find the folder named DCIM. You will discover your photograph organizers inside the DCIM folder.
  • Mainly select the photographs that you need to exchange. At that point, drag them from the iPhone pictures envelope and drop them onto your Android pictures organizer.

2. By using your PC’s Automated Backup –

To the extent manual strategies go, I support the simplified technique since it enables me to choose which photographs to convey over from iPhone to Android. If you have no utilization for such selectivity, you can permanently import all your iPhone pictures to your PC in one go. At that point, from your PC you can exchange them for your Android gadget. The accompanying advances will demonstrate to you how this is finished:

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android by using your PC’s Automated Backup

  • First, you have to connect your iPhone to the PC. You need to do much so that the device would be associated with the computer on which you have been working.
  • Open My Computer and right tap on your iPhone’s File under Portable Devices.
  • From the pop-up menu that shows up, select Import pictures and recordings.
  • Your PC will check your iPhone for pictures.
  • Once done, click Import to import all pictures and recordings to your PC. Of course, your pictures will be exchanged for your PC’s My Pictures envelope.
  • Open the My Pictures envelope on your PC.
  • Associate your Android to your PC using USB link. By doing such, you will be able to view the content of Android on the computer and able to take further steps for transferring the photographs.
  • Open your Android gadget’s folder and explore to the pictures folder. It is typically named DCIM.
  • Reorder or simplified the imported photographs from your PC to your Android gadget.

The two manual strategies will exchange pictures from your iPhone to your Android gadget. Be that as it may, these strategies will just move pictures spared in your iPhone’s Camera Roll. Pictures exchanged to your iPhone using iTunes won’t be incorporated.

3. By using the Send Anywhere Application –

Applications can likewise help you take care of the issue of exchanging photographs from iPhone to Android. The Send Anywhere (File Transfer) application, which is free for both iPhone and Android, is a case of an application that can help with such an undertaking.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android by send anywhere

The Send Anywhere application enables you to remotely exchange records — not simply pictures — from iPhone to Android and the other way around, without the need to physically interface your gadgets to a PC.

Step by Step Instructions to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android using Send Anywhere:

On the off-chance that you as of now have the Send Anywhere application introduced on both your iPhone and Android telephone, take after these means to exchange your pictures:

Send Anywhere

  • Run Send Anywhere on your iPhone. This has been considered as the most appropriate to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android device.
  • Tap the Send option.
  • From the rundown of document composes, select Photo. Select the photographs that you need to send. You’ll see check marks at the base right of the chose photographs’ thumbnails.
  • Tap the Send catch at the base in the wake of choosing the photographs. After selecting the photographs that you have been looking to transfer, proceed to the next step that has been given below
  • On your Android device, run the Send Anywhere application.
  • Tap the Receive option on the primary screen.

To get the file(s), you can enter the PIN and tap the bolt catch or output the QR code produced by the iPhone. Or then again, if the sender shared the Web URL of the record, open the URL in a Web program.

4. By using Dropbox –

The extended distributed storage benefit, Dropbox, can likewise offer an advantageous means for Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android. You have to introduce the Dropbox application on both your iPhone and Android telephone. The application is free. To have the capacity to convey over to your Android those photographs put away on your iPhone. Then you have to transfer them to your Dropbox account first. To have the ability to transfer and offer records, you just have to follow the steps below

Step by Step Guide to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android using Dropbox:

Send Picture from iPhone to Android

  • Log in to your Drop box account on your iPhone. You can agree to accept a free Drop box account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Likewise, you can empower the Camera Upload to include if you need recently caught pictures to be naturally transferred to your Dropbox after you catch the pictures.
  • This likewise transfers existing pictures in your Camera Roll.
  • For pictures that are not consequently adjusted to your cloud-based Dropbox, you may physically transfer them from any of your iPhone collections to your Dropbox
  • To do this, tap the Menu option.
  • Then from inside any of your Dropbox organizers, tap Upload, select photographs, and transfer away.
  • Since your photographs are in the cloud, the following coherent advance is to empower your Android smartphone to have the capacity to get to them.
  • To permit your Android telephone to get to your Dropbox photographs, login to the same Dropbox account as you are utilizing on your iPhone.
  • On the off-chance that you do this, you’ll be repeating the same method for downloading the pictures from your cloud folders in Dropbox right in light of your Android smartphone and your cloud records will be available to you.

It has been seen that only a quick note here about the accommodations of the Android rendition of the application. Drop box’s envelope sharing component in the Android application exists in two structures: “Send a Link” and “Welcome to Folder,” both of which are available by long-tapping on an organizer name, at that point choosing Share. Send a Link gives you a chance to share envelopes yet without sharing document administration benefits.


These are some of the prominent methods through which you will be able to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android device. The above description would assist in performing the event in a hassle-free manner and attaining the best value for your time. If you have any query or suggestion concerned to the How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android article, please let us know by dropping a comment in the box given below.

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