The newest version of the Acer Swift 3 has been out for a few months now. A laptop that aims to fall in the mid-range category, the Swift 3 has traditionally been a fairly solid option. The newest Acer Swift 3 has extra features and a new price tag.

Is The New Acer Swift 3 Worth The Money

If you’re looking for a new laptop and do not have particular specifications in mind, the Swift 3 will almost certainly suit your needs. However, laptop users with a more discerning eye will want to know how the latest Swift 3 differs from its predecessors and similarly-priced competitors.

Whether you get a Swift 3 or another kind of laptop, it is at risk of being stolen and leaving a hole in your pocket. Make sure you have insurance for your laptop before taking it out into the world. You should already have renters or homeowners insurance which will cover your stuff.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2022 Acer Swift 3.

The Price

Let’s start with the price. The entry-level Swift 3 can be yours for just $850. The top-end configuration, on the other hand, will put a $1,130 dent in your budget.

If you’re unfamiliar with what laptops cost in 2022, you should know that these are competitive prices. Other mid-range laptops cost similar amounts, and not all of them provide the same range of configurations to impact the price.

But is it worth the price? Here is what you’ll get when you buy an Acer Swift 3.

Design (Strength and Aesthetic)

Looking at the design of the Swift 3, you will receive a solid device with an all-aluminum chassis. Compared to the rest of the mid-range laptop field, it is a pretty sturdy computer. This is reassuring for people who travel a lot, as it is unlikely to be too damaged by any bump on the road or even if you drop it.

Aesthetically, however, it is not the best-looking laptop. It looks a bit dated, especially in an age where MacBooks are increasingly popular. Based on its appearance, it could have been built anytime from 2010 onwards. This won’t bother many laptop users, but some may prefer a sleeker build.


With a Core i7-1260P CPU, the Swift 3 performs excellently for its price range. It is a fast device that runs high-level software without too many issues. This is for non-gamers, at least. Because of Swift’s integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card, gamers will struggle to play the best games. Unfortunately, you cannot add your own GPU, and serious gamers will have to look at more expensive options.


The display of the Swift 3 is underwhelming. It has an old-school 16:9 display. This is in contrast to almost every other laptop in its price range which has taller displays. It does have a high QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution, and most casual laptop users will not know the difference. However, people who do a lot of creative work (and editing in particular) will most likely prefer an alternative.


Touchpads are of increasing importance for laptop users. They are the primary way we interface with the device. The Swift 3 has a comfortable touchpad with OceanGlass made from recycled plastic. It is a bit small, which is frustrating, especially with most competitors offering a wider surface. That being said, it is very quick and precise and will do a great job for most users.

Battery Life

Another hugely important factor for modern laptop users is battery life. The Swift 3 uses a 56-watt/hour battery that performs well in its range. It should last eight to ten hours with regular use of web browsing. When simply playing videos, it can last over 14 hours.

The Acer Swift 3 is a good mid-range laptop. Discerning laptop users will prefer something more expensive and attractive, but the casual laptop user will get more than enough use out of the 2022 Swift 3.