If you are into PS4 or Xbox, you might have come across the game called Monster Hunt. While it was not that great of a game, as it could not attract new players, even with the new series, it kept on adding to its gameplay. But they are set to change that with the new game Monster Hunter: World. So Check out this Monster Hunter World Review.

Monster Hunter Review

What is new in this?

If you have played the Original series of Monster Hunter, you would know the game was about going into the forest, killing the beast, gaining rewards, and repeating it repeatedly. But this new Monster Hunter World Review series has added a compelling story around going into the forest and killing the beast. This, at least, has changed the game a lot more than its previous series. There have been many changes, like adding some good cutscenes and far better visuals than the original series, and more details have been added to the interface to make it really good to play on.

(Overview) Monster Hunter World Review

If you are those fans who loved the original series of Monster Hunter: World, then you would remember how you had to go through the detailed tutorial and play for at least 10 hours or more to get familiarized entirely with the game. It may be because this game did not have any small tutorial for the new player to this game, but they have changed that lot in the World series. Now you get a detailed, brief tutorial on what you have to do, which or what does what, and so on. There are also small text and the cut scene, which helps a lot for the newbie player in this game.

Guide & Tips

  • There is more than just Killing:

Unlike the previous games, where you had a routine of just killing the beast to gain reward, in the World, you get a lot of different storylines to make the game enjoyable. This game has added a headquarter, which they call Research Commission HQ. This is where you come after every hunt to stock up on your resources, eat food, and buy or forge weapons and Armor. Here you can also chat with other characters that are present here, and you can even get a side quest which, if you do, will help you earn an additional reward.

  • Character Interaction:

Unlike the previous game series, you get to interact with each character; it has many sub-menus, leading to the brief text-based tutorial. It helps, especially if you are playing the game for the first time. Other small brief tutorials are what you progress in the game. Everything was said and was clear. Forging and upgrading weapons was simple on a need-to-know basis as to how it will help and benefit you in the long run.

  • Hunting Beast gets more interesting:

After you have completed all the tutorials, the main fun parts begin. That is the hunting of the beast. Your handler will tell you the beast you should be going for, and it gets straight with it. You have to find the trail, which has been made easier in the World Series, where you have your most trusted Scout flies, which go ahead of you and signal you of any trail left by the beast.

Monster Hunter Review

  • Killed em! Get Rewarded:

After defeating each and every beast, there is a reward of its own. The Monster Hunters capture the thrills of a hard-fought victory. Each battle is won either on your own or at other times, and you have a different character or monster to thank. Each struggle with the beast depends on the choice of your weapon. Starting with the battle of the Great Jaguars and continuing with it. You will have a battle where a beast leads to another battle with another creature.

  • Multiplayer Options:

You also have multiplayer games where you get on with three other friends and battle against the enemy together. Joining multiplayer games is easy. Just post the mission to the job board, allowing anyone to join it. You can also use restriction to allow only your friend to join the mission. Although you might think that playing the mission with three other players might be easy, in contrast, it gets the same difficulty with increasing health for the beast. But it will be fun.

Final Impression about Monster Hunter World –

Final Impression

This new series of World has really impressed me. I was not a fan of Monster Hunter due to a long time of learning before actually being able to play the game. The best part is that this new Monster Hunter World Review not only appeals to its hardcore fans but also crafts new players by providing addictive hunting games while presenting everything in a simple and eye-catching way. The game is fun to play and kills some strange beasts.