Apple assures that the iPhone 12 is durable and reliable enough to be used in tough environments, even without a case. We are grateful to the manufacturer for the Ceramic Shield technology implemented in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. It should protect the screen perfectly. But the case cannot be protected from mechanical chips, scratches, and cracks otherwise than with a cover. Therefore, if you are interested in ensuring that the gadget retains its original beauty and functionality as long as possible, you must protect it. And luxury iPhone 12 PRO cases are exactly what you need.

Luxury iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Premium-quality covers are offered by the French brand Labodet. Labodet cases are highly regarded for their reliability, durability, and exclusive design. So, to help you to find the perfect protection for your iPhone 12 Pro, we’ve prepared some helpful tips.

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The Best Cover’s Material

Leave silicone cases for cheap phones. Such a stylish and luxurious device cannot be hidden in a cover that quickly stretches, fades in the sun, and does not provide the protection expected of it. Therefore, at Labodet, you will find exclusively natural materials, such as:

The Best Cover’s Material

  • crocodile or alligator skin
  • python
  • ostrich
  • carbon
  • calf etc.

To choose the best one, pay attention to the features of each of the materials. So, carbon is durable and lightweight. It does not increase the gadget in volume and reliably keeps it from scratches and other mechanical damage. Crocodile skin is characterized by the presence of a scaly structure. Python is a soft and flexible material yet strong enough. Ostrich skin gives the product a pleasant matte texture and optimally protects the gadget from hypothermia or falls.

Convenient Form

The form factor determines not only the appearance of the product but also the additional functionality that you get with it. Let’s see what options are available to order at Labodet.

Convenient Form

Standard or MagSafe Folio Case

This is a versatile case that protects both the case and the display of the gadget equally well. The Folio has well-designed and perfectly fitting camera holes. In the case of MagSafe Folio, compatibility with other MagSafe accessories and convenient wireless charging is guaranteed.

Strap Case

The strap located on the case helps to easily and naturally hold the phone in your hands. You can also attach your phone to your belt when you have nowhere to put it or your hands need to be free.

Card Holder

You can choose a Double or Single Card Case, as well as a classic card holder wallet for 1 or 2 slots. Such cases are striking in their convenience and functionality because you don’t need to think about where to put your bank card or ID.

Laconic Traditional Case without Unnecessary Details

The classic case will appeal to lovers of minimalism. In brevity, only the MagSafe Mask can compete with it, and the best protection will be given only by the Pouch Case (also available in the range of covers for the iPhone 12 PRO). It reliably protects your phone from any external damage. At the same time, it is a great way to emphasize your individuality and love for beautiful but comfortable things.

It remains to think about a small but pleasant moment. The logo and the frame with which the camera cutout is edged are created to highlight the sophistication and luxury of the product. The user is given a choice between carbon, silver, or 18K gold. Jewelry pieces can be made from these materials to complement already luxurious premium cases.

All items are designed in California and manufactured in Paris, from where your case will be shipped to you by DHL Express for free anywhere in the world. So, if your iPhone 12 PRO is still without a case, it’s time to arm yourself with the above tips and get full compliance with your preferences and expectations.

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