Microsoft is currently working to fix bugs that have caused some Windows 10 apps to experience performance issues, including frame rate drops and subsequent stuttering. Users began experiencing the problems way back in March after downloading and installing the Creators Update. The update included a Game Mode, which was actually supposed to improve the performance of games, but instead, gamers were subjected to the opposite effect, including the momentary stuttering during gameplay.

Microsoft Soon to Fix Windows 10 Stuttering Bug

Users have since given feedback and reported the issues on the Feedback Hub app and forums such as Nvidia. Games like Overwatch, Rocket League, and Mass Effect have been affected, along with many other game apps.

The performance issues could have a devastating impact when playing a game of poker on an online app in which sitting out hands or missing bets can cost money, but it goes without saying that the problems have affected gamers’ enjoyment of their favorite apps. The bugs have left many gamers clinging to the Windows 7 operating system over their legitimate fear of compatibility and performance issues.

Microsoft has now acknowledged and acted upon the feedback from the Feedback Hub community and has worked with user traces to identify several problems.

We have been analyzing the traces from your feedback and have identified several different problem sources surfacing as a stutter in games. We are actively investigating the remaining stutter causes and appreciate your patience on this issue, said a Microsoft engineer responding on the Feedback Hub.

Microsoft Soon to Fix Windows 10 Stuttering Bug

Patches have now been released for users who are running the Insider Build, with more around the corner. Insider Build allows users to test Microsoft apps and updates before they become available to the general public. Build 16273, for example, was released on August 23rd and fixed one of the sources of the stutter problems. The early feedback from Inside Build users in the Windows 10 subreddit is that the update has improved performance, but it’s too early to know to what extent the problems have been solved.

For now, joining Inside Build is the only way to patch up the stuttering bugs, but regular users will be glad to know that the new Creators Update should be available on October 17th. Microsoft is now working on cracking the rest of the bugs in time for the new update.

The Creators Update is being touted as a key release for Microsoft as it aims to sell Windows as a service to PC users at a home and enterprise level. Along with fixing the previous bugs, the new Creators Update will feature improved security, introduce a new Linux subsystem for developers, and reintroduce user workstation modes.

Although gamers have been experiencing performance issues since March this year, Microsoft has responded positively to the community’s feedback and has taken action to find the sources of the problems. The patches available to Inside Build users seem to have improved the situation, but regular users will have to wait until October 17th to get their fix. Let’s hope that stuttering is no longer an issue on Windows 10 after that.