It’s no longer a secret that modern employers value skills more than diplomas or professional experience. Strong skill sets can set you apart from the competition and unlock more job opportunities even if you have zero experience. So, if you are currently a student, focusing on acquiring and developing skills that pay is much more important than investing more time in being “book smart.”

Top 6 Most Profitable Skills Students Should Acquire in 2022

Whether you seek a job while in college or want to get ready to enter the labor market after graduation, now is the best time to think about the skills you want to acquire. But what skills should you focus on? The right answer is – profitable skills.

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What are Profitable Skills?

Profitable skills are the skills that stretch across all industries, career paths, and roles. These skills are in high demand everywhere and can help professionals excel in their careers and earn more money within their sector.

And what specific skills are these? Profitable skills span both soft and hard skills that can set you apart from the competition and benefit your career and earnings. Below, an expert academic writer and an essay helper from a top paper writing service for college students, EssayService, will tell you about the six most profitable skills you should get ASAP.

1. Communication

Communication is an absolute #1 skill employers want to see in every employee, regardless of the role. According to surveys, 95.9% of employers call communication an essential professional skill, and they feel that only 41.6% of their employees demonstrate it. Therefore, effective communication is most certainly the first skill you want to excel in to stand out from the crowd and build a profitable career.

2. Writing

Although many students absolutely hate writing, this is the second most profitable skill in 2022. Effective written communication is crucial across all industries and roles. From an entrepreneur to a sales rep – everyone needs to be able to communicate their ideas in written form. It is the key to being productive and effective in a team. And it is also a way to expand your career opportunities.

However, this doesn’t mean you must spend days practicing writing essays and research papers. Professional writers can handle these boring tasks for you. But you really want to master the basics of business writing to build a successful career in the future.

3. Critical Thinking

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 99.2% of modern employers find critical thinking skills essential and seek them in their potential employees. Nevertheless, employers believe that only 55.8% of college graduates are proficient enough in these skills.

These numbers emphasize the high importance of developing your critical thinking ability while still in college. This skill will help you outdo the competition and get a high-paid position. After all, critical thinking is required for literally every job.

4. Teamwork & Collaboration

Regardless of the career path that you seek for yourself, teamwork and collaboration will definitely come in handy. These two skills always top the list of the most sought-after skills. According to reports, as many as 97.5% of employers believe these skills are crucial in the workplace. What is more, many of them will likely hire a specialist with less experience but more pronounced teamwork and collaboration abilities than an experienced professional who can’t be a part of the team. So, if you want a profitable and successful career in the future, start honing these skills now.

5. Leadership

According to NACE reports, 68.6% of employers find leadership an essential skill in the workplace. Nevertheless, surveyed employers think that only 33% of their employees demonstrate efficiency in it. So, another profitable skill that you want to acquire is leadership. With its help, you will be able to excel at any job in any industry. Besides, being a good leader will also come in handy in entrepreneurial activities and personal life.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Even if you are not planning to be an SEO professional, knowing the basics of search engine optimization can be incredibly beneficial for your career. According to the latest rankings, SEO is also among the top profitable skills. SEO skills are in high demand across many industries and roles, including marketing, analytics, copywriting, etc. So, if you acquire this skill, it can become the key to building a successful career.

The Bottom Line

Even if you don’t know exactly what you plan to do for a living, being proficient in the most profitable, in-demand skills is a surefire way to broaden your future opportunities and build a successful career. As you can see, the most profitable skills of 2022 are mostly soft. These skills are sought-after in all industries and roles. So, acquiring them will benefit you regardless of the path you choose!