Living in an RV offers an amazing experience. It allows you to move with your home to wherever you feel like going, thanks to its four wheels and engine. The only thing that changes when living in an RV is the environment. Comfort and convenience remain the same regardless of where you go. Besides that, it spares you from the cost of having to pay for accommodations when you are on vacation.

Living in an RV

However, you can only enjoy your stay if you have the essential items. Without the essentials, your stay will be full of stress, and you will not want to remain in your RV any longer. Here is a list of things that you must have to enjoy residing in an RV. So let’s check out everything about the Living in an RV article.

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(Top 6) Best Must-haves when Living in an RV

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  1. Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifier

Humidity levels tend to be high when you are doing most of the things in the RV. Small things such as taking a shower or the weather becoming too cold can cause humidity to accumulate in the RV. When there is too much humidity, the walls and the roof of the RV will start to rust. Besides that, mould and mildew will also accumulate. While rusting will mainly impact on the durability of the RVs finish, the resulting mildew can trigger certain allergies. The only remedy for such a problem would be a portable dehumidifier. It’s basically a small gadget that eliminates humidity by generating heat. You can view more on

  1. Phone Network Booster

Phone Network Booster

Breakdown in communication is common when you are deep into the woods. This is because such campsites are usually far from phone signal towers. Unless you have a phone network booster, you may not be able to keep in touch with other people. You must, therefore, carry the device when leaving home or you will remain isolated from the rest of the world. However, the booster will not create a signal in a place where there is zero reception. It only helps when the signal is weak. This spares you from the trouble of having to climb trees when making or receiving a call.

  1. Water Tank & Filter

RV Water Tank

You can’t survive without water because your body needs it for various functions. Before you start the engine of your RV, you should first confirm that you have a portable tank that’s filled to full capacity. The good thing is that these tanks come in various sizes. You can, therefore, invest in one that is enough for you and your RV mates. Since you might run out of water if you stay longer than you had anticipated, it’s advisable you carry a water filter so that you can fetch water from the nearby river or lake. A water filter removes impurities that are found in stagnant water to save you from waterborne illnesses.

  1. Camping Furniture

Camping Furniture

This one is a no-brainer. You can’t remain inside the RV day and night. It’s actually boring. Sometimes you might want to bask in the sun, especially in the morning before it gets extremely hot. You might also want to have supper or lunch outside the RV. Investing in camping furniture will ensure that you will enjoy your stay without compromising on your comfort and convenience. For instance, a simple table will create ample setting for a round table supper, just like you do back at home.

  1. Kitchen Accessories

RV Kitchen Accessories

You can enjoy staying in the middle of nowhere on an empty stomach. Since you will need to have at least three meals per day, it’s important you carry some of the most crucial kitchen accessories including cooking pots, stoves, spoons, cups, forks and plates among others. As long as you have the majority of the basics, you will be able to prepare a meal without any difficulty.

  1. Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Since you will obviously be staying in a place that’s far from hospitals, it’s important you carry an emergency kit. This helps in ensuring that you can give your loved ones first aid in case they get injured when they are up to mischief. You should confirm that the kit contains a pair of scissors, a razor blade, gloves, cotton wool, antibiotic pills, antivenoms, mosquito repellant and bandage.

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