You must be aware of Tablet PCs as they are very much in trend nowadays. And most of the laptop makers are jumping into this line for many reasons. A Chinese manufacturer called Onda has been manufacturing few decent low-budget tablet pc and is all set to launch its latest and more advanced new tablet called the “Onda V80.” Onda has been releasing many budget-oriented tablets and smartphone and this one just like its other products in terms of price. This new V80 tablet has some cool features and hardware at a much cheaper price. This Onda V80 tablet comes with a price tag of $72.99. It is on a pre-sale, and you can order one now if you like it.

Onda V80

Onda V80 Review

This Onda V80 device comes with quite a decent hardware and features even at this price tag. Starting with a good display panel. The display panel is quite sensitive and offers full HD display. The powerful combination of RAM and Allwinner CPU is a good combination of this price tag. You also get the decent memory back up. The camera is not that good in this device. Below we have discussed all the features of this tablet in details.

(Buying Guide) Onda V80 Review Tablet PC ‘Deal’ Price

This Onda V80 tablet comes in only one color variant. On the front, you have all black sided screen with a blue-white hue on the back. Both the camera is placed at the center. You have the Onda logo at the back and additional information about the tablet on the back. On the front you do not have capacitive touch button, rather all buttons are on-screen. The ports are on the left side, and the volume and the power buttons are on the right side.

Onda V80

At a Glance:

Price$72.99 only
Memory16 GB of internal storage with 128 GB of expandable storage space
Processor & OSAllwinner A64 Quad-core processor with Android 7.0 out of the box
Display8 inch capacitive WUXGA display with is solution of 1920 x 1200 pixels
Battery4200 mAh battery which runs for 5 hours if straight video playing
CameraBack camera: 2.0 MP

Front camera: 0.3 MP

ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth
PortsMicro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack

So, here we are showing you everything about this Onda V80 Tablet PC. So you can get to know more about on it & here is a gift for you i.e. you can also grab it a best-discounted offer price from here too.

Onda V80 Tablet PC Features & Specifications:

Onda V80 Operating System (OS):

Onda V80 Operating System

  • You get the latest Android operating system with the device.
  • You get the latest Android 7.0 Nougat with the device.
  • The OS is optimized for fast and easy use without any lagging
  • The device comes with just the stock OS without any customized skin on the top. You get to experience the stock OS.
  • Onda V80 has its battery management, where it restricts the apps when that tablet is closed.
  • You can run two apps simultaneously by sharing the screen. Switch between the apps for easy access.

Onda V80 Battery:

Onda V80 Battery

  • You get a decent battery backup which can last you for a long time.
  • You get a 4200 mAh Li-ion polymer battery
  • The battery has been tested to run for 5 hours on a straight video playing.
  • On normal usage, it can last more than 12 hours

Onda V80 Display:

Onda V80 Display

You get decent capacitive touchscreen display to view movies, surf internet or play games.

  • Screen Size: You get an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen display with this device
  • Screen Resolution: The device features a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA).
  • Display Type: The screen is a capacitive touchscreen display which supports touch to navigate through the phone
  • Touchscreen: The screen has been tested to have 5 point touch sense at the same time.

Onda V80 Display

Onda V80 Processor:

Moving on to the internal of the device, here we have the processor and the GPU that comes with this tablet.

Onda V80 Processor

  • Specs: You get a powerful processor from Allwinner company
    • With this Onda V80 device, you get the Allwinner A64 processor
    • The processor comes four cores each of which is clocked at 1.3 GHz
    • All four processor is Cortex A53 and is operated to work on low voltage and give maximum output efficiency.
  • Graphics: For the GPU you get an integrated graphics card.
    • The device comes with Mali T720 MP2 for all your graphics related work
    • The GPU is good enough to watch movies or play casual games on this device.

Onda V80 Memory:

Onda V80 Memory

Without a good memory, a tablet is not that good, so this tablet from Onda does come with decent memory backup.

  • Internal Memory: You get a 16 GB of internal storage space with this tablet.
    • Out of the 16 GB, some of the memory is used by the OS and the apps that come pre-installed on this tablet.
    • So, you get some less memory than the prescribed memory.
  • External Memory: If the internal memory is quite small, you can also increase the memory using SD cards.
    • The device has TF card slot, on the left side where you can insert SD card to increase the memory.
    • Maximum size support is 128 GB.
    • Since the port is external removing external SD card is very easy.
  • RAM: To support faster processing and better multitasking, the device houses powerful RAM to help you do any work.
    • The Onda V80 device comes with 2 GB RAM.
    • The RAM substantial high bandwidth to support any casual games with low settings.
    • The RAM support any Photo or video editing applications which runs smoothly without any problem.

Onda V80 Memory

Onda V80 Camera:

This tablet comes with two cameras, one at the back and one in the front to take videos as well as capture image.

Onda V80 Camera

  • The Rear camera comes with a 2.0 MP with autofocus
  • The front-facing camera has 0.3 MP. It is very useful as web camera when using video chatting like in Skype

Onda V80 Ports & Connectivity:

The device comes with both sets of wired as well as wireless connection to connect to the device.

  • Ports: For all the wired connection you get a couple of ports and jacks with the device.
    • You get a TF card slot to expand memory. The maximum memory supported by the device is not more than 128 GB.
    • You get a micro USB port to connect the charger to charge the device. You can also use it to connect with other devices like a laptop or desktop to transfer files and data.
    • You have a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect with your headset and listen to music or songs.
  • Connectivity: Other than the ports you can also connect with the wireless connections.
    • The device supports Bluetooth 4.0.
    • Connect Bluetooth to other phone or device to transfer data.
    • The Device also has Wi-Fi connection.
    • The Wi-Fi is compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless internet.
    • As there is no LAN connection, you have to depend on the Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.
    • For the Wi-Fi, you must have an active internet connection through Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

Onda V80 Extra Accessories:

The tablet needs some essential accessories if you want to make it more powerful and handy.

  • With the Onda tablet package, other than the tablet you also get an adapter, a USB cable, and a screen guard protector.
  • The speaker on the tablet is moderate, but if you want to increase it, you can go for Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to the tablet.
  • As the touchscreen is prone to scratches, adding screen protector will ensure that your screen is in safe hands.
  • You can also go for the back cover as well as the flip cover to protect the exterior of the device.

Onda V80 Pros & Cons

Onda V80 Pros & Cons –

Here we have summarized all the features of the laptop based on what was up to the mark and what was not so good.

  • Onda V80 Pros:
    • A decent combination of powerful CPU and a 2 GB RAM to get all your work done.
    • A full HD display to watch movies or play any games
    • A good battery backup to last you a day based on your usage
  • Onda V80 Cons:
    • Poor camera both on the rear and at the front
    • An average memory space


A good device to go for if you want a budget tablet but a good feature-oriented one. The device has all essential feature that one goes for in a tablet. If you are into taking a picture, then this Onda V80 tablet might not be good for you. Overall performance is good with a decent CPU and a powerful RAM to get all the apps running without any lag.

If you like this Onda V80 Review, then do share it with others who are on a budget tablet. Do check out the device if you want this budget tablet. If you have any query or want to know more about the device, you can leave a comment down, and we will surely get to you with an answer.

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