Be it a small adventure trip with your friends, or a health-conscious decision. Be it your love for the environment or your need for portable mobility. An electric bike is something that checks all the boxes. Since you are on this post you are planning to buy an electric bike that packs all the features of an electric bike at a very decent price. By now have already checked ten’s of bikes but none of those meet your requirements. But do not worry, there is a perfect electric bike for you. The electric bike that we will be talking about is Onebot S6.

onebot s6

Vehicles have been around us since ancient times; and as time progresses these vehicles are becoming more advanced, smart, and better. Electric bikes are the advanced version of regular bikes. Electric bikes are designed to give you more and better of what you have already experienced with regular bikes. You can travel more distance, you get better ease while riding, you get better handling, you get portability, and much more.

ProductElectric Bike
Brand NameOnebot
Model NameS6

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Specifications & Features of Onebot S6

Onebot S6 is an electric bike that focuses on a wide group of people whether you are an adventurer, health-focused person, senior citizen, or professional worker. This electric bike is designed to satisfy you in each aspect be it comfort, usability, portability, design, features, and price.

onebot s6

Talking of the basic overview, there is an adjustable seat that supports a wide range of heights. Since each one of us has a different height it will help adjust as per our requirements and comfort. The material that has been used for the body is super sturdy as well as super light. You can easily carry the bike without issues. Furthermore, there is a powerful motor that will help you in traveling a longer distance.

Surely there are a bunch of other options out there in the market that you can look for and choose. But Onebot S6 surely beats them all as a whole. If you are confused about Onebot S6 then this review guide will surely help clear out all the confusion and doubts. Below you can check each feature and specification of this electric bike in detail.

1. Design

Color AvailabilityBlack/Orange/White
Regular Dimension1330*580*1040mm
Foldable Dimension800*430*540mm
Display LCD Display on Handle
Tire Dimension16*1.95 inch

Let’s begin with the first thing that you will see and that is the design of the product. Most of us are very much attracted to design. Thankfully Onebot S6 features a modern and elegant design. Unlike regular bikes which have different body parts welded, this electric bike does not have a welded body which gives it a more sturdy and clean look. The bike is available in multiple colors like Black, Orange, and White. Each color compliments the overall look of the bike.

onebot s6

There is a display located at the handle of the bike which gives you a lot of important information regarding the battery levels, your speed, charging, etc. Similar to any other electric bike or regular you get an adjustable seat. That means no matter what your height is you can adjust the seat as per your comfort. Lastly, the bike can be folded from the middle making it very portable to move. Once folded you can easily take it anywhere you want it can easily be kept in the boot space of your car.

2. Build

Weight18 Kg
Body Material Magnesium alloy
Climbing Angle15°

When it comes to any vehicle one of the major things that a user looks for is the Body of the vehicle; especially the material and the quality. Onebot S6 engineers have given a great amount of attention to this part. As you already know that the bike comes with a unibody design that is it is not a welded body. The material used for the body is Magnesium alloy, for those who do not know this material it is the same material used in aircraft.

onebot s6

The relatively light size of 18KG is because of the Magnesium alloy, this material is not only very light but also very sturdy. To give you an idea of how strong the material is, well the bike can easily support weight up to 120 Kg which is around 6 times its own weight. The bike is very intelligently designed by keeping the human body in mind. The angle of the handles and seat are designed to give a better comfortable ride.

3. Power & Speed

Max Speed25 km/h
Max Mileage50 Km
Max Load120 Kg
Pedal AssitanceYes

Since we are talking about the electric bike surely it comes with a motor. The motor is something that affects two major things power and speed. If an electric power does not have enough power it is a waste and if it does not have the power it will lack in speed as well. Onebot S6 comes with a very powerful 250W motor which makes it suitable for different types of roads like urban roads, rural roads, mountain areas, and forest’s uneven land.

onebot s6

Now let’s talk about Speed. If you compare Onebot S6 with its competitors you will find that this bike offers you much more than expected. When it comes to the electrical endurance of the bike it is 15km, however, the auxiliary endurance of the bike is 50km. The bike can easily go up to a maximum speed of 25Km/h which makes it an ideal electric bike for a variety of users. You can also use the pedals and speed it even more which helps in exercising your legs along with a fun ride.

4. Battery

Battery InstallmentBuilt-in/anti-theft lock/detachable
Battery Capacity36V/6.4Ah
Battery typeLithium-ion battery
Battery Weight1.3 Kg
Charging current2A
Charging Time3-5 hours
Battery Lifespan500 Complete Charge Cycles

To harness such great power and speed surely you need a powerful battery. A battery that can store and provide enough power to give a long, easy and comfortable ride. A battery that is enough powerful which can easily deliver the power to run a 250W motor. With Onebot S6 you get a very efficient Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 36V 5.2Ah. The batteries are kept safely inside the body cavity and protected with the Anti-theft lock.

onebot s6

Since the batteries are completely removable you can easily move them, charge them, and replace them with a new battery. The weight of the battery is around 1.3Kg which makes it easy to carry in case of emergency. One very common concern regarding batteries is the charging time. Onebot S6 has one of the fastest charging as compared to its competitors. The battery can be fully charged within 3-5 hours while the other electric bikes in the price range take up to 12+hours of time.

Talking of the lifespan of batteries, lithium-ion batteries are known to have a good lifespan. You can easily expect 500-1000 charging cycles from the batteries which mean around 2-3 years of life on regular usage.

5. Safety

Now let’s go through some of the major safety features of the Onebot S6 electric bike.

  • Intelligent Control System: It is a chip that is equipped inside the main body of the bike. This helps in providing better control of the bike. Furthermore, there are three riding modes to choose from as well.
  • Power Brakes: Brakes play a very important role while riding. With Onebot S6 you get super responsive front & rear double-action disc brakes. This helps the rider to maintain speed, precision, and control during turns, uneven roads, and stops.

onebot s6

  • Suspension: With Onebot S6 you get 135mm suspension which encapsulated the damping. This means that no matter how uneven the ground is you will not feel any discomfort while riding and makes your traveling easy.

onebot s6

  • Lighting: There is a LED light located at the front of the bike; very helpful during the night trips so no matter how dark the road or the ground is you can always ride safely by turning it on.

onebot s6

  • LCD Display: There is an LCD display located at the handlebars of the bike. This LCD display is very helpful in quickly checking important information. With a single glance, you can check the battery life, current speed, current mileage, and more.

onebot s6

  • Water Resistance: Yes, the bike comes with an official IPX4 water-resistant certification.

6. Price & Discounts

By now you have a very clear idea regarding all the features and specifications of the Onebot S6 electric bike. You will be very pleased and happy to know about its price as well. Usually, the bike costs you around €485.99 EURO which is already a very decent deal. Now that you are on our website we provide you with an extra discount code that will reduce the price by an extra 15 EURO OFF.

CouponOriginal PricePrice after Coupon
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Final Words:

Buying an electric bike that contains all the major features at a fairly decent price can be very hard. You go through a variety of brands while some of those have great features but the price is very high while those which are priced low have barely a few features. Onebot S6 is an exceptional product that fairly complements the price as well as the features.

By now all your confusions and doubts have been cleared. For more guides and reviews on the products follow us. Thank you!