Xiaomi launched the new Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera very recently. So you will think what new innovation has been done with this IP camera? It is a smart network IP camera which has astonishing features that can impress even the most tech geek.  Ever wondered the need to have full monitoring capability of your house with not just a simple CCTV camera but a full-fledged camera which can revolve and rotate in all degrees. The pricing of such cameras would be high which one limitation for budget buyers is. But if you get at the right price with all fully loaded features that would be awesome right?

Xiaomi XiaoFang

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera

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(Buying Guide) Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera Deal Price

The Xiaofang camera is very helpful for the people who need to record the surveillance videos in HD mode. Though the camera can be used for all types of surveillance, it is primarily designed for internal surveillance needs where you have the option to monitor the full house when you are not around. The use cases are manifolds which includes monitoring the house when your baby is in the hands of a caretaker, and you are out on vacation.

In the XiaoFang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera review we will cover the end to end features and aspects of the camera. So, let’s begin.

At a Glance:

Camera ResolutionResolution: 1024 x 2048 pixels. F2.0 large aperture lens
Night VisionInfrared Lightboard: 3pcs 850nm light. Night vision distance: 5m
AudioVoice: built-in pickups and loudspeaker system. Two-way audio
ConnectivityConnection mode:2.4G Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
StorageStorage function: Micro (SD 64G max)
PowerPower input: DC 5V/2A
TemperatureWorking Temperature: 0-40 Degree C

So here we are showing you everything about on this Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart 1080p WiFi IP Camera So that you can get to know more about on it & you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Offer Price from here too. So go get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone.

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Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Features and Specifications –

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Look

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Dual Lens Camera:

The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera is featured with dual lens camera which is able to capture high-quality pictures. The Xiaomi smart IP camera sports a rectangular body shape.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Dual Cameras

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Sensor:

It comes with tripod mount and two camera sensors. And each camera provides a 210-degree lens and aperture f2.0. The dimension of the device is 101 to 36 into 36mm. The dual sensor shows the clear and visible details which you have never found in other many products.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Dual Image Sensor

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Color:

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The device has a stunning black color which is amazing and hideous. This is very useful to keep the camera invisible in pitch black and useful to monitor your house in the night-time.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Resolution:

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Night View

The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera has a video resolution of 1024 into 2048.  It has a frame rate of 15 FPS.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Connection:

The best feature of the product is Wi-Fi connection. It connects to your home WiFi network, and there is no need for long LAN cables. It supports a network frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera G Sensor

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Remote System:

The whole xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera can be controlled and monitored with the help of using Mi Home App for Android and IOS phones.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Language Support in App.:

The App can support many languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and also in many other languages. To secure the data, it comes with high-level encryption at the time of verification and when transmitting the data.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Design

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Screen Mode:

It has 4 split screen mode and four real-time picture which is best in comparison to a professional monitor. This is extremely useful when you want to view different dimensions of your house in real-time.

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Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Installation:

Xiaomi XiaoFang

xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera has screw hole of a ¼ inch which is helpful to install anywhere. The camera is mostly fitted on the top of the room where it can over a larger viewing angle. Anybody with just a screwdriver can easily install and setup the xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Availability of the Camera:

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera 360 Look

It is easily available at online sites. The price is around $ 48. It may be delivered with zero shipping cost, but it all depends on the vendor you are buying from.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Storage System:

It has good storage with the support up to 64GB with micro SD. This is huge storage capacity, but you need to be slightly cautious to back it up and refresh the SD card to prevent it from getting overwritten.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera SD Card

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Power:

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It has the power input of DC 5V/2A. There is no battery support, so it is best to have backup power to this camera to allow it to function in all conditions. The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera works in the temperature range of 0-40 degree Celsius. Hence it is stable and operational in most conditions.

Xiaomi xiaofang Panoramic Camera Two Way Audio

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Audio:

One of the cool features of xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera is that it supports two-way audio. Just take an instance where you have left for the office, and your pet which could be a cat or dog tries to sniff into the food on the dining table. From your mobile, you can dictate terms to your pet. Sounds cool, isn’t it! This surely is not present in most cameras which were launched a few years back.

Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Pros and Cons –

In the xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera review, we mentioned every detail available and here in the pros and cons of the device try to weigh the pros and cons of xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera and take a final call on where it stands.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Pros:
  • The Xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera comes with Dual Lens & Double Image Chips too. That is pretty High Quality for a Surveillance Camera
  • Flexible & covers 360 Degrees of View which is Helpful to Monitor your Family
  • Connects with WiFi & you can quickly place it in any Corner of your House without thinking about Whether your LAN Cable can Reach that Spot
  • It has Speaker & Microphone which is to help with Communication in Two Ways
  • It is very easy to Install
  • The Night Vision Range is around 5m with 850nm IR Vision
  • It has Built-in G-Sensor which is an added plus to this Product
  • Comes with HD Camera Resolution of 1024 x 2048 Pixels
Xiaomi XiaoFang Cons:
  • There could be alarm feature to trigger like a burglary alarm.
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The Original Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart 1080p WiFi IP Camera is a great camera. There could be hardly many cameras which are low-cost and more features and benefits like this one. The great thing is that it easy to install and has dual cameras which effectively covers 720 degrees of vision both horizontally and vertically. The ability to have night vision makes it very useful to handle pitch black situations.

The final verdict is that if you need a camera which can monitor and work with the precision you should go for Original XiaoFang Smart 1080p WiFi IP Camera. This is a camera which is cheap but very effective and efficient in terms of features.

Customers & Users Review:-

Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera review from customers says it delivers what it promises. And the camera also adds up value for money.

Four split modes makes it really a total surveillance camera.

The apps are available on phones and hence can you monitor your house from anywhere in the world.

The apps are available in many languages like Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and much more. Hence best suited for global market.