Today we are going to review about the Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight pen by Zanflare. The product is alluring, and it definitely will raise an eyebrow whenever it is used. It is heavier and more effective than most other pens in the bazaar now.

Zanflare F10

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen

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(Buying Guide) Zanflare F10 Review Tactical Flashlight Pen Deal Price

Tactical pens, those who have functioned more than just for writing, are designed to tackle harsh environments and high expectations of the user. There’s an idiom that goes like this Pen is mightier than the sword. It’s no way wrong when it comes to the Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen. The pen is easy to carry a tool with superior quality LED Flashlight. What’s more, the pen is made up for your self-defense which means the product is just more than a nib.

Let us have a more in-depth look at the fantastic features and specifications of the Zanflare F10 product.

At a Glance:

Brand Zanflare
Product Weight 0.0510 kg
Package Weight 0.1100 kg
Product Size (L x W x H) 16.00 x 2.00 x 1.60 cm / 6.3 x 0.79 x 0.63 inches
Package Size (L x W x H) 18.00 x 6.30 x 2.50 cm / 7.09 x 2.48 x 0.98 inches
Package Contents 1 x Tactical Flashlight Pen, 1 x English User Manual
Max Output 150LM ( 0.7 H running time )
Min Output 5LM ( 26 H running time )
Colour Tem 6000 – 6500K
Beam Distance 52M
Battery Included 1 x AAA
Reflector Type smooth reflector
Material 6061 aero grade aluminum alloy

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Zanflare F10 Features and Specifications –

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Divercification

Zanflare F10 Design:

The Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen is a perfect defense as well as a writing instrument for all those writers over there. The Zanflare F10 product has been designed as any other pen, but don’t let that fool you. The pen is much more to attract. The pen has been designed for comfortable carry, and it doesn’t cause any kind of inconvenience for the user. Working with this Pen is relaxing and comfortable.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Design

As said earlier, the product has an emergency hammer that is strong enough to protect you from danger. A rotary switch and an easily removable head cap, the product also has an LED flashlight, so that you could make your way safe from and through the dark. The clip on the pen’s lid is made up of aluminum and does not break off so quickly. The body of the pen is made up of high-quality Aero grade aluminum. To alert others at times of danger, the product has been put up with a cool whistle. Just blow the whistle and get help soon than never! Moreover, the product also has a compatible battery slot.

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Zanflare F10 Safety Options:

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Flash Light

The brand new Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen by Zanflare is not just for smooth writing but also to meet with the user’s self-defense needs. The pen has enormous functions unlike in any other pens which apparently are meant to shield the user from danger. The bottom of the pen has a strong hammer to deal with emergency cases. It is merely a smart helper for good defense. The hammer can break hard glass easily in minutes. A powerful and bright LED flashlight has been fixed on the product so that it is not complicated for the user to see in the dark.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Tough

The LED Light is not disturbing for the eyes, and you can quickly capture a beam of light in the dark. To provide additional security, there is a pressure tip on the tip of the pen. So, just bust your way out of trouble and danger. And not only that. Get other’s attention immediately in cases of crisis, by blowing up the whistle in the product. The whistle is loud enough to warn others of any unusual occurrence that’s happening nearby. Therefore, it is apparently evident that the product is made up to stand out from other pens.

Zanflare F10 Extra Features –

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  • Constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body, processed by grade III hard oxygen finish, more sturdy, wear-resistant and durable. This is what makes the product look sleek and classic. The product is hence, durable, scratch resistant and super cool.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Self Defence

  • The LED flashlight supports two modes to select high and low. Through which the user can switch between high and low modes as per his convenience, whenever it is necessary. Thus, the user can make sure to make way through the dark without causing much trouble to the eyes.
  • Hardened glass-breaker tip, tough aluminum pressure tip and durable whistle for seeking help or signal-sending under emergency situations, busting your way out trouble. This makes sure you are safe and secure with all the four functions designed to keep you trouble Stay away from danger with these functions and get help within minutes.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen Security

  • A handy clip for easy access, secure to your pocket and bag. The clip is strong enough not to break or tilt, and you can easily pin it in a book or your shirt pocket.

Zanflare F10 Pros and Cons –

Let us discuss the pros and cons of the Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen. They are as follows:

Zanflare F10 Pros:
  • Strong Body made up of Aluminum
  • Sleek & Eye-Catching Design
  • Easy to Handle & Skin Friendly
  • Protects from Danger
Zanflare F10 Cons:
  • Lid is heavy
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The plus point of the Zanflare F10 pen is that it has been loaded with innumerable functions for the user. This makes the secondary designs for failing utterly. The product is not childish and has a beautiful exterior and design. And so is the interior. The product gives a good grip for the writer, and the pen glides smoothly on the paper. The bonus is the structural rigidity of the product. The product is a perfect helping hand in times of danger. Hardened glass breaking hammer is useful in tough situations. The pressure tip, though small and thin is fit to put holes on any stuff and break open.

Zanflare F10

Stating the plus features of the Zanflare F10 product, if we have a look at the minus, then there are indeed a few to handle. The product is heavy and may interrupt while writing, at least for some users. The pen has been made with safety features on the mind, and thus the writing side of the product has been not noticed. The nib of the pen might have been more concentrated. And last, it is expensive.

If you love to have a collection of pens, then go and grab your Zanflare F10 Tactical Flashlight Pen. This is the best in the case of tactical pens and will be a boon for all.