Teclast has brought yet another special Notebook at the high-end price tag. It new model the Teclast F6 Pro Notebook looks similar to its previous laptop but houses some premium hardware. The device which has been priced with a price tag of $727.80 comes only in the silver color variant.

Teclast F6 Pro

Teclast F6 Pro Review

The device offers some of the cool hardware like powerful Intel processor, large high bandwidth RAM, decent memory and a good battery backup. To give the perfect security features, it comes with a fingerprint sensor, without which you cannot lock the device. Below we have listed and discussed all the feature and specification of this new F6 Pro notebook below.

(Buying Guide) Teclast F6 Pro Review Notebook Deal Price

This F6 Pro Notebook comes only in the Silver white color. The design is similar to that of a MacBook but differs a bit. The Teclast F6 Pro Notebook device is built completely from Aluminium metal to give it the strength and rigidity. The device is quite thin and offers decent weight special for 13.3-inch screen display.

Teclast F6 Pro Review

At a Glance:

Price$499.99 only (Offer Promo ends in 01 days)
Memory128 GB SSD storage space.
Processor & OSIntel Core m3 7Y30 Dual core processor with Windows 10 out of the box
Display13.3- inch IPS display with display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
Battery5000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery with usage time of 5 hours
CameraFront facing 2.0 MP web-camera
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, WLAN card
Ports3.5 mm headphone, mini HDMI port, TF card slot, Type-C port, 2 x USB 3.0

So, here we are showing you everything about this Teclast F6 Pro Notebook. So you can get to know more about it before going to buy it.

Teclast F6 Pro Features & Specifications –

Teclast F6 Pro Features & Specifications

Teclast F6 Pro Operating System: (OS)

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This F6 Pro Notebook comes with the latest Windows operating system.

Teclast F6 Pro Operating System

  • You get the latest Windows 10 operating system with the device.
  • Windows 10 has one of the easy to use user interface (UI).
  • It comes with a battery management application which controls the battery usage. It ensures extended usage of the device on the single recharge

Teclast F6 Pro Battery:

To power the device, you get a big battery with this notebook.

  • You get a 5000 mAh battery with the device.
  • The battery takes approximately 3 hours to 4 hours charging time
  • On the full charge, you can use the device for up to 5 hours on normal usage
  • The battery is non-removable

Teclast F6 Pro Display:

Coming to the screen of the device, it offers a good combo for this F6 pro notebook.

  • Screen Size: The F6 Pro Notebook features a 13.3- inch display screen.
  • Screen Resolution: The screen features a full HD resolution display with 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Display Type: The screen is an IPS display which provides excellent color contrast and better display.
  • The display screen has the tradition 16:9 display ratio.
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Teclast F6 Pro Processor:

Moving to the internal of this notebook. We have a better CPU and RAM to power the device.

Teclast F6 Pro Processor

  • Teclast F6 Pro Specs: The Device comes with the latest Intel processor to go with the device.
    • You get the latest Intel Core M3 7Y30 processor.
    • The processor comes with dual-core ARM cortex to provide multitasking and better execution.
    • The processor is based on 14 nm technology which offers better output but uses less energy.
    • The processor is provided with 4 MB of cache memory for faster execution time.
  • Teclast F6 Pro Graphics: Moving to the GPU of this F6 pro notebook, you have an integrated Intel GPU with it.
    • You get the Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU as your graphics card.
    • The graphics are good for casual games and light video or image editing.
    • The GPU works with a speed of 300 MHz to 900 MHz

Teclast F6 Pro Memory:

An essential part of a notebook is the memory without which it cannot work correctly.

  • Internal Memory: The device supports SSD or Solid State Drive as your internal storage space.
    • You get 128 GB SSD as your internal storage memory.
    • Some memory is used by the operating system, so get less than 128 GB as your free storage space.
    • The SSD comes with a hard disk interface of M.2 which is far superior to HDD with high-speed of reading as well as write.
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  • External Memory: Though there is not any dedicated external memory, the device comes with a TF card slot.
    • You can add an SD card to add additional memory. You can increase it as you want it.
  • Teclast F6 Pro RAM: The device also comes with a better RAM composition.
    • You get an 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with the device.
    • This high bandwidth RAM ensures faster execution of CPU, so you spent less time on loading.

Teclast F6 Pro Camera:

There is not much to say in this area as you do not expect much when it comes to a laptop or a notebook.

  • It houses a 2.0 MP web camera.
  • The camera is decent enough for web online chatting or video calling.
  • The device can also take pictures or videos.

Teclast F6 Pro Ports & Connectivity:

To use the device to its fullest, it comes with certain wired as well as wireless connections.

Teclast F6 Pro Ports

  • Teclast F6 Pro Ports: To support all the wired connections, you get a quite selection of ports and jacks.
    • You get a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is a dual combination of both audio outputs as well as microphone input.
    • A mini HDMI port which you can use to connect to another bigger screen monitor. It also supports higher resolution screen device.
    • A TF card slot which accepts SD card. You can use to transfer data.
    • A Type C charging port. You can also use it to transfer files and other data at a very high-speed.
    • Two USB port with USB 3.0 connectivity.
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  • Teclast F6 Pro Connectivity: You also get some pair of wireless connection hardware as well.
    • The device comes with Bluetooth connection. Now transfer files and data to other Bluetooth enable nearby devices.
    • To connect to the high-speed internet, the device comes with wireless connection Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is compatible with IEEE 802.11 wireless connection.

Teclast F6 Pro Miscellaneous:

This laptop also has a unique feature, the fingerprint sensor. You can secure all your files and data with this lock. Now you do not have to worry about getting any data leaked or getting hacked.

  • Notebook Accessories: The F6 Pro needs some accessories for better and fast usage.
    • In the package, you get a charger and manual other than the notebook itself.
    • You can go for a screen guard to save the device screen from any scratches.
    • As the device is portable, you can go for a laptop bag to carry your notebook as other accessories with it.
    • If you are working a lot, you can add USB wired or wireless mouse to connect and use with the device.
    • There are limited two USB port if you want more you can add USB hub and insert it with USB 3.0 and get more USB ports.
    • As no earphone or headphone is provided, you can buy your own headphone to listen to songs and music.
    • If you like loud music and play it all around, you can opt for Bluetooth home system to listen to music and play it all around your house.

Teclast F6 Pro Pros & Cons –

The device comes with some of the good features at this price rate. Here we have made a list of the features what we liked and what was not up to the mark.

Teclast F6 Pro Pros:
  • The Device has a decent Battery Power
  • A Big RAM & Powerful Processor for Better Execution
  • Full HD Display
  • Type-C USB Port
  • Better Security using the Fingerprint Scanner
Teclast F6 Pro Cons:
  • Average internal memory
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One of the decent best in a class notebook to go for if you want a Teclast F6 Pro Notebook for your work or for editing videos and image. Some features like high bandwidth RAM, latest Intel M3 processor will surely make your work fast. The only downside was the less memory storage space.

This F6 Pro device at a price tag of $499.99 only (Offer Promo ends in 01 days) does offers some good deal. If you liked this device go now and order one for yourself. If you liked this Teclast F6 Pro Review and was helpful to you, then do share it with others who are in the market for a new laptop. If you have any query or want to know more than do comment down below and we will get back to you with a solution.