If you move a lot and need to do work as you travel, then tablets might be useful. Larger than a smartphone but compact and portable than a laptop. Some tablets come all in one feature. It might come in handy to be used as a time-pass device. One such tablet is the Teclast T10 Master Tablet PC. It is a flagship tablet that you won’t regret buying it. It offers excellent value for money. Before we get into what the tablet has to offer, let’s see some buying guide as what you should be looking for in case you decide to go for it.

Teclast T10

Teclast T10 Master Tablet PC

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Buying Guide:

Here is a list of what you should be looking for to help you decide to buy a Tablet.

  • Operating System:
    Decide what type of OS you want your tablet to be based on. Generally, a tablet comes with Android, Windows or IOS. Price of the tablet greatly depends on it.
  • Tablet Type:
    Tablets come in two variants, one the laptop itself. The other is the convertible, where you can attach a keyboard and make use of it as a laptop.
  • Budget:
    An important decision to make is how much you want to spend on a tablet. There are different tablets in the various price range. You can get different features at a different price point so selecting a budget will allow you to decide the features that you can go for.
  • Battery Life:
    A Battery of the tablet decides the portability of the device. Longer the battery more is the time you will be able to use. Also, battery life depends on how big your tablet screen is and how long you are planning to use it every day. Choose the battery based on the mentioned usage.
  • RAM and ROM:
    RAM and internal storage space (ROM) is an important factor as this determines how powerful your RAM is. If you’re into gaming, then you both need ample storage space to store your games, and a well large enough RAM to handle all your game or else your tablet might crash or get hanged.
  • Purpose of Buying:
    All the guides mentioned above fairly rest on this guide. You should plan on buying that tablet with features that suit and match your need. For example, if you want to purchase a tablet for just leisure purpose then see that it has an excellent display and sound system for you to want videos and likewise for another purpose that you have.
  • After Sales Service:
    See that the company from which you are buying tablet provides warranty and repair services. There is no guarantee in any electronic devices, so you should see this to get a quick service and repair of your device.

Now that we know what we are looking for in a tablet let’s see the what Teclast T10 Master Tablet PC has to Offer.

[Buying Guide] Teclast T10 Review Master Tablet PC Deal Price

Teclast has launched a new flagship tablet which is Teclast T10 Tablet. It offers some of the best-in-class features that you can get at this price range. It is already getting popular and has attracted a lot of pre-book at the time of writing this article. The company is offering flash sale at low-cost. Let’s see what this tablet has that is becoming so popular.

At a Glance:

1.Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 Nougat
3.CPU – Cores6-Cores
4.Battery8000 mAh
6.Internal Storage (ROM)64 GB
7.Camera13 MP (Front)

8 MP (rear)

6.Screen size10.1 inches
6.Screen resolution2K display

So here we are providing you the Teclast T10 Review. Hope you like it, and we make sure that it will be helpful for you too.

Teclast T10 Features & Specifications –

Teclast T10 Design & Display:

Teclast Master T10 is a slim and light to handle. The stunning display will surely make sure you fall in love with it.

  • Model: It comes in a stunning Silver color design. It is entirely made out of an alloy of metals that makes it very lightweight but at the same time rigid.
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  • Weight and Dimension: It has a dimension of 16.7cm x 23.9cm. The Teclast T10 tablet has a thickness of 0.8cm and weighs only 553 grams which makes it quite slim and portable. The holding and grip are improved with elaborate shot blast process on the cover surface to give it a smooth silk-like touch but at the same time improves the handling.

Weight and Dimension

  • Display: It comes with 10.1-inch IPS display. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, that is, it has a 2.5K resolution which makes your videos and photos come to life again and you can relive your memory again. The Teclast T10 tablet has an intelligent backlight which controls the brightness so you can see the content of screen vividly, whether you are inside or outside under the sun.
  • Touchscreen: The screen is coated with Oleophobic coating to so as to make the screen anti-fingerprints. The screen is tested to have a 10-point touch screen which is really good when typing or playing games.
  • Stress-Free Display: The Teclast T10 tablet has two reading features to remove or lessen the strain on the eye. First, it has an inbuilt blue light filter to protect the eyes when using it at night and a reading book feature which adjusts the brightness and contrast of the display texts of a book so that you feel as if you are reading a page from the book itself rather than from a tablet.

Stress-Free Display

Teclast T10 Hardware & Software:

Powerful hardware coupled with the smooth operating system will make sure you have your work done fast. It also supports multi-tasking.

  • Processor: This Teclast T10 tablet comes with a MediaTek MTK8176 Hexa Core Processor which is clocked at 1.7 GHz. It has an architecture of A72 which is quite a powerful when combined with the latest Android OS, is the Android 7.0 – Nougat.
  • RAM and Storage Space: It comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Whether you are working or playing games the hexacore processor and the large RAM will make sure you stay at the top. You can boost the frequency of the processor up to 2.1 GHz to speed up the work or if you are playing games.
  • Operating System: Android – Nougat offers a smooth user experience no matter what you use it for. It delivers seamless experience whether you are gaming, surfing net or video playback. Its multitasking feature and dual screen which makes you handle two applications at the same time.
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  • Graphics Card: The Teclast T10 tablet also comes with a built-in GPU. It comes with IMG GX6250 which is clocked at 700 MHz so that you don’t get stopped by any limitations. Play any games at high settings without any lags or crashing of the game.

Graphics Card

Teclast T10 Battery Power:

This Teclast T10 device has a long-lasting battery and fast recharge settings so that you have to wait for the tablet.

  • Capacity: The Teclast T10 tablet comes with a massive 8100 mAh battery. The battery is made from Lithium-ion polymer to make to safe and sustainable.
  • Usage Time: It was tested to have a video playing time of 8 hours before the battery died. The battery has different power saving modes to match with the work that you are doing, as a result of normal day-to-day usage the battery may last almost a day if not the whole day. It comes with fast charging technology which can charge the tablet from 0% to 100% very quickly.

Usage Time

Teclast T10 Connectivity:

This Teclast T10 device supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also has an excellent navigation system.

  • Wi-Fi: This Teclast T10 tablet comes with the fast, dual-band Wi-Fi to enjoy a high-speed internet surfing. The Wi-Fi supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for smooth and fast web surfing.
  • Bluetooth: The device also has Bluetooth with the version 4.0 to connect to external accessories.
  • Navigation: The method uses both Global Position Satellite (GPS) and BeiDou Navigation Satellite (BDS) to help get a precise location on the go.

Teclast T10 Security & Privacy:

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This Teclast T10 tablet has one of a kind, state of the art security features. It ensures all your data is kept safe and your privacy, private.

Security and Privacy

  • The Master Teclast T10 tablet comes with a fingerprint sensor, which is located at the rear of the device. The sensor is quite fast and responsiveness.
  • The device also has app locker, which can lock your app and data with a password or a pattern which can keep things safe and secure.

Teclast T10 Camera:

This Teclast Master T10 tablet comes with dual camera – one front facing and other a rear facing. Both the cameras are remarkable to capture and keep the memories with it.


  • The Teclast T10 tablet has 8.0 MP rear camera. The rear camera has auto-focus to capture some remarkable images or shoot video.
  • On the front, the tablet house a stunning 13 MP camera with a large aperture of F2.0. Use it for either web-chatting or taking stunning selfies. The front camera has “Beauty mode” to capture stunning pictures.

Teclast T10 Other Configurations:

This Teclast Master T10 device has some notable features that need to be mentioned.

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  • Sound: The Teclast T10 tablet has one of the best sound systems in this price range. This device comes with the latest Gen SWEET sound Speaker.


  • It is the built-in dual-channel speaker to make the music louder.
  • The tablet has an independent AW8376 amplifier unit which makes the music loud but at the same time filters out the noise.
  • This Teclast Master T10 tablet also tone’s the music to match the real HIFI level headset music output.
  • Sensors: This Teclast T10 device also has few built-in sensors to support day-to-day activity.
    • The Gravity sensors match in which way and direction you are holding your tablet and adjust the screen likewise.
    • It has got light sensor at the front adjacent to the front-facing It controls the light based on the surrounding light.
    • Lastly, as mentioned earlier, it has got a fingerprint sensor at the back by which you can lock your device in or out.
  • Ports: This Teclast Master T10 device comes with various ports that will help you enjoy the device to the maximum.

    • A TF Card slot, by which you can expand the storage by up to 128 GB. The SD card is not provided, and you need to buy it separately if you want to boost your memory.
    • A mini HDMI port by which you can connect it to the bigger monitor screen. It can provide an output up to 4K at 30 fps, which can be a great thing to watch videos at this high rate (provided your monitor/TV can handle that).
    • A micro USB charging port or connecting it to your Desktop or Laptop to transfer data. Lastly, a 3.5mm headphone speaker to listen to music.
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Teclast T10 Pros and Cons:

Teclast Master T10 Pros:
  • Best Display with 2.5K Display
  • Best Sound System
  • Fast Hexacore Processor
  • Long & Durable Battery which can last almost a Full Day (on Normal Usage)
  • High-Security Features with Fingerprint Sensor
  • Big RAM
  • Both the Cameras are Excellent
Teclast Master T10 Cons:
Lack any SIM slot


This Teclast T10 is one of the great tablets in this price range. It offers both powers as well as security, which is something you can ever want from any device. From the hardware to software with smooth performance, good battery life which can last almost a day, a 2K display to watch movies and good security to protect your data and privacy which makes it one of the good product to buy at this price point.

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