Smartbands is becoming the mainstream as they not only do the functionality of a traditional watch that we have come to see but adds some extra functions which make them stand out. In this century, we have become more health and physical conscious which has made us go and work out so we stay fit. Such Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband helps and supports while we achieve that.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Review

Here we have the new smart bracelet or the smart band from Lenovo. It is called the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W. Other than showing date and time, it primarily functions is to monitor basic physical indicators like heart rate and sleep rate. It can also track your steps and stack them up to get to your daily goals. It also gives you the option to share online in WeChat and QQ so it can encourage you and your friends to do exercise and stay fit.

(Buying Guide) Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Review Smartband ‘Deal’ Price

This Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W smart band from Lenovo comes with good and hard quality rubber band and the OLED screen is made from plastic. It comes in five different colors and is waterproof. The display is a rectangle and comes with a load of functions and assistance which we have discussed in details below.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W

At a Glance:

OS SupportediOS 8.0 and above. Android 4.4 and above
Display0.96- inch full-screen OLED
Battery85 mAh with a charging time of 60 min
Dial & BandRectangle dial, with TPE as band material
ROM512 K

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Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Features & Specifications:

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Display & Design:

The smart band comes with a rectangle display for your center console.

  • Screen Size: Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W is 0.96-inch rectangle display to control the smart band.
  • Screen Resolution: The display has 128 x 64 pixels resolution which is quite good to read
  • Display Type: The screen is completely OLED with a touch key at the bottom to navigate and go through the menu and different options.
  • Multi-interface of choice: You can choose a variety of style interface based on what you like. For example, if you like rock, you can choose the classic Rock interface.
  • Sports Interface with IP68: The smart band comes with sports interface and also waterproof grade so you can run and sweat without worrying to damage the watch.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Display & Design

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Battery:

The smart band comes with good battery backup so you do not dry up while you are exercising.

  • The smart band comes with 85 mAh Li-ion polymer battery.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • It takes approximately 60 minutes to charge up completely
  • The battery has a standby time of 7 days
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Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Hardware:

Moving on to the internal of this smart band made by Lenovo.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Hardware

  • Chip: To keep all the tracking of your activity, the smart band comes with built-in Nordic 52832 chip which makes sure all the data tracked is accurate and is operated smoothly.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Health Guard:

This smart band from Lenovo is all about giving the best result so you know about your health.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: There are a variety of heart rate monitor features to get the perfect scientific result. You can choose any heart monitoring options like Manual Testing, static heart rate, dynamic heart rate, detect your body any time are some which you can select.
  • Sleep Monitor: Getting a good sleep at the end of days work is important and that is what this smart band monitor. It monitors users deep or light sleep rate, helps improve sleep quality and reduces stress.
  • Motion Reminder: The smart band also has a motion sensor to help you keep a track on your This helps and encourages to go out and exercise as well as supervise them,
  • Sedentary Reminder: This is similar to the reminder. When the sedentary time reaches the set time, the band will give a reminder to wake the user up and exercise.
  • Anti-Sleep mode: In case you are working or driving at night this mode will vibrate after some alternate time to keep you awake.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Health Guard

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Intelligence Assistance:

Lenovo’s smart band does not stop at only exercise it also comes with some basic features that assist you when you connect with your smartwatch.

  • Call or Information reminder: This band vibrates and display the number of when someone calls your smartphone connected to. It also displays any reminder if you have set any.
  • Social Sharing: The device can connect to any social platform like WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter and much more and share the data that you have completed.
  • Alarm clock: It can support up to 5 Alarm clock settings. You can set and it will wake you up. The Alarm is silent so that only you wake up and you do not disturb others

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Intelligence Assistance

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Connectivity:

The smart band works only with the connection with the smartphones.

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  • The smart band connects using Bluetooth connectivity only.
  • Any smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 will be able to connect with this watch.
  • If you want to use it with iOS devices, you need to have any device with iOS 8.0 and above operating system
  • For Android devices, you need to have Android 4.4 and above to connect with the band.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Memory:

Unlike other watches, this Cardio Plus from Lenovo does feature a small amount of memory to store data before it is sent to your smart device.

  • ROM: As your ROM you get a 512 K memory space so you can keep all the data which is being tracked
  • RAM: The smart band also has a 64 K to run all the functionality smoothly.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Memory

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Ports:

There is not much when it comes to ports in this smart band.

  • Lenovo has added a standard USB port for the easy plug and charge. The USB port is covered with a nice quality strap, which you need to open to charge the band.
  • Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W also has other sensors at the back to record your pulse and heart

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Miscellaneous:

In order to use the watch for different tracking, health guards, and Assistance, you need to download the app from Lenovo. The app name is Lenovo Healthy with which you must pair up the smart band to use all the functions.

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  • For iOS, you can click on the link to download the app on your iOS phones with iOS 8.0 and above.
  • For Android, you can click on the link here to download for any Android devices with Android 4.4 and above OS

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Miscellaneous


That was all about the new Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Review and Buying Guide. This smart band although centered around the health monitoring, it also gives you a hybrid between a smartwatch. It comes with loaded of features which is one of the best when compared with the price tag. Like its predecessor HX02W, this smart band has the same look and feel but functionality wise there is a lot of improvement.

If you like this Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W review of the new Cardio Plus from Lenovo then do share it with others who are in the market for some good smart band. If you have any query or want to know more then do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you with the answer.

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