The perfume market is full of all kinds of fragrances. Relatively recently a new type of perfumery has appeared – spirits on draft. Unfortunately, many buyers have not yet had time to get acquainted with this category of goods. That is why we will tell you what is the pouring perfume and why it has a low price.

Perfumes on Tap and Everything You Need to Know About them

Since the appearance of this product has caused a flurry of discussions, in which people’s opinions were ambiguous, the specialists of our company decided to dispel myths and misconceptions about the advisability of buying spirits on draft. After reading the article, you can buy spirits on draft on the site

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Myth One – Perfume on Draft Completely Unstable!

Fragrance oils have a high concentration, which depends on the stability of any perfume. It is worth noting that branded perfumes contain only 15% of the perfume composition, while perfumes on tap – 33%. That is why such fragrances are more intense and persistent. Also it is worth considering a number of factors that affect how the fragrance unfolds on the body: weather, clothing (natural or synthetic), skin type. Among customer reviews, it is noted that on dry skin scents do not last long.

The Second Myth is that the Quality of Flooded Perfumes is Low!

The production of bulk perfumes is very similar to the creation of the original perfumes of brand names. It uses the same perfume compositions, partly replaced by high-quality synthetic components. Because of this the price is more affordable, there is no cost for an expensive advertising campaign. The quality is not inferior to branded fragrances.

Myth Three – Infused Perfumes can Cause Allergic Reactions!

In most cases, allergies occur after exposure to natural ingredients that are part of the perfume. Perfumes on tap from the manufacturer are made synthetically, so the risk of allergic reactions is much lower than from the use of name-brand fragrances.
Myth number four – perfume on draft is a fake!

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