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We are planning a Professional Transformational Seminar on Brain Management Training.

Stuti Pardhe’s Mental Health and Well-Being Counseling Clinic in Partnership with Brain EQcellence Tutorial and Development Services present a two-day workshop on ‘The Brain Re-activation Accelerate Intellectual Neural-Pathways- Level 1.

Professional Transformational Seminar on Brain Management Training

About the Speaker:

Dr.Alan Lee Borro an experienced Developmental Trainer for thirteen years, Counselor for twenty-years, and founder of ‘BRAIN EQcellence Tutorial and Training Developmental Services‘ from the Philippines.

The Purpose of this workshop is to:

  1. Unleash the innate potential in the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind
  2. Through the power of your Intuitive mind learn to make the right decisions in your life.
  3. Develop Positive Mental Attitude
  4. Increase your Self-Confidence
  5. Know the ‘Inner-You.’
  6. Develop your Personality.

Additionally, the workshop is for the participants to experience transformation for the greater change of their personality through the height of synchronization. Participants will also be able to experience the mental and psychological healing, transformation, and excellence in education, career, and their personal life.

Dates: 12th and 13th November 2016
Venue: Jaipur(Rajasthan)
Registration Fees: Students (Rs.2,000/-) and Working Professionals (Rs.4,500/-)

For inquiries on this workshop kindly contact me on 9610170046 or alternatively visit our FB official page: www.facebook.com/etsah

This Seminar will be presented by Dr.Alan Lee (Philippines) Philosopher and Trained Professional in the Subject of ‘Brain Management Training.’

This is a great opportunity for the Students and Working Professionals to be transformed so that you can achieve heights of success in your personal, career, and professional life.

Stuti Pardhe’s Mental Health and Well-Being Counseling Clinic Étsah’ is my first milestone towards my dream to start an organization that supports rescued girls from prostitution eventually.

Kind Attention: I need one or two members of the University or Association to help me with Registrations. The right candidate will be remunerated for the contribution of their efforts.

Stuti Pardhe’s Mental Health and Well-Being Counseling Clinic

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