If you have always dreamed of working for yourself, starting a small business is the way to go. Whether you work as a solo freelancer or start with a small team of people to help you build your independent company, it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and develop new skills. If you are someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, who also has a background in IT, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to establish a successful business. The IT industry is essential to the modern world, and there will always be a demand for those services. If this kind of business venture sounds appealing to you, here are some basic steps you will need to take to get started:

Starting a Successful IT Company

Educate Yourself

If you already have a background in IT, you should already hold the right qualifications. However, just because you have a college degree or something equivalent doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue your education. Industry training programs and exams will help you enhance your skillset and put you in a better position to manage an IT company. The Azure fundamentals certification is a brilliant example of the kind of further education you can achieve during your professional career. You should also expect your team of staff to complete specialist courses too.


Running a general IT company that offers various services is a good choice, but if you want to charge clients a little more for your expertise, specialize in a specific area of IT, such as cybersecurity, data recovery, or web design. Of course, if you are going to specialize in a certain area, your customers will expect you to provide top quality service and expertise, so make sure you can honestly call yourself an expert before you start advertising this.

Business Plan

Once you have the right qualifications under your belt and have decided what kind of IT company you want to run, the next step is developing a strong business plan. You will need to present this plan to investors or loan providers on the application; therefore, it’s important that you get this document right and don’t rush through it. You will have to include your cash-flow forecast, estimated overhead costs, marketing and branding ideas, as well as long-term and short-term goals. If you want help in developing your plan, hire a business advisor for guidance.

Marketing and Branding

Any business needs to get their branding and marketing strategies right. Your company name should be professional and make it clear what you do. For example, ‘Smith’s Bespoke Web Design’. Your logo should also be appropriate for what your company does, as well as eye-catching and memorable. If you have the budget, hire a professional marketing agency to help you develop your branding and your marketing campaigns to get the best results.

A lot of things go into running a business, and while it can be a very challenging endeavor, the benefits can be incredible if you make it a success. While the IT industry is a very competitive one, if you have the right skills and expertise, and an entrepreneurial spirit, it could be the perfect time to establish an independent business yourself.