React Native is well-known as one of the most popular frameworks for app development. Created in 2015, it has already managed to become one of the most used tools among web developers. Find out why your company should use React Native development in creating new apps.

Tips for Choosing a Company Providing React Native App Development Services 

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework created by Meta Platform, which is run by Mark Zuckerberg. In simple language, every framework contains a group of software libraries created to facilitate the app creation process. Zuckerberg got a desire to create a new way of developing solutions because of the poor performance of HTML that was slowing down the process of data extraction in mobile applications. Therefore, the developers of Meta decided to take JavaScript as the basis for the new framework, as it’s used in most modern web applications.

Reasons to Use React Native for App Development

About 6 years have passed since the release of this framework. Nowadays, React Native occupies the top position among the frameworks that are used by modern developers. With the

With the growing popularity of this development tool, software companies around the world have started offering a wide range of React Native app development services: 

  • React Native Development & Design 
  • React Native Consulting 
  • React Native Migration 
  • MVP Development with React Native 
  • Support and Continuous Maintenance 

With the advent of this framework and all of its components, the application development process became greatly facilitated. Here we have collected the main reasons why you should use this framework in your development. 

Cross-Platform Development

Using React Native in your projects will open up many opportunities to create Android and IOS applications. You will gain an opportunity to reuse the pieces of code written for one operating system in developing an application for another. Naturally, this will require a considerable number of edits and additions, but in any case, it will save your team a lot of time, money, and effort than if you started writing code from scratch. 

Easy to Use

Developers who work in the field of React Native development and who are familiar with JavaScript will have absolutely no difficulty in understanding this framework. Its syntax is identical to the language mentioned above, and you can start using it right away without any problems. Still, it would help if you weren’t frivolous about working with this framework. A slight resemblance to JavaScript will not be able to do all the work for you. Thus, it would help if you got ready to spend a lot of time outside of work improving the qualifications in this area. 

Wide Range of Possibilities

React Native has a wide range of components for both Android and IOS. Its interface is surprisingly accessible and lightweight, but at the same time, you will find a huge number of various tools that will allow you to implement any of your ideas. You will be able to use parts of your handwritten code, along with those parts that you will take from the framework library. But what is most interesting is that with the help of TouchableNativeFeedback, you will be able to create your components.

Wide Range of Possibilities

Tips for Choosing Good React Native Development Company

Now that you have learned the main features of React Native, we can go directly to the list of tips that will help you choose a team of developers specializing in this framework. As you understand, the number of commands that can write you a light application is quite a lot. But what if you need specialists who will be able to write a complex, deployed application. Here we want to share with you a list of tips to help you choose the best team for your future React Native development. 

Define Your Goal

Before deciding on the ideal candidate for your development team, you must define your goal and what you expect from the people you will be hiring. This is an important step because once you have your product vision, it will be easier for you to filter out teams that will not fit your needs. Remember, you shouldn’t immediately hire the first company you started considering. It is better to spend more time analyzing the market. Developers who specialize in react native development are quite a large number, but not every team will be able to realize exactly your vision of the product. 

Check the Reputation of the Company

Sometimes checking out elementary testimonials from previous employers can be very helpful. Make it a rule to check the providing companies that you hire for development. You absolutely

can’t hire a company without hearing feedback from previous clients. More often than not, you will immediately understand whether it is worth hiring a company or not. After all, you can find a mountain of dissatisfied customers, information about missed deadlines, and non-fulfillment of agreements. Thus it’s of the utmost importance to work only with reliable React Native development vendors. 

Calculate Your Budget

This is an important point because the amount of money you are willing to spend will determine which development team you can afford. Naturally, the higher your budget, the more famous studios you invite to your project. But do not be upset if your budget is average or even below average. Indeed, these days on the market there are a huge number of young start-up teams, in which young and very good specialists work. Yes, maybe the names of these studios will not be very familiar to you. But you hire people not for their fame but for their ability to create applications using React Native development. Rest assured that through trial and error, you will find the perfect team for your needs. 


React Native is a technology that is rapidly gaining momentum. The demand for creating web applications using this framework is growing every day. And you can be sure that this trend will continue for the next decades. This framework is a real boon for developers who want to create modern, usable, and popular applications. This is why you should start using React Native in your development process.