As the owner of a new startup business, you know how crucial it is to keep your production line running smoothly. But it isn’t always easy to find the custom parts you need in bulk, which can put your supply chain — and your customers’ happiness — at risk.

Tips for Ordering Custom Parts in Bulk

Here are three tips to consider when ordering custom parks in bulk for your business.

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1. Learn About Different Types of Suppliers

When launching your business, you might feel tempted to find the shortest path to procuring the parts and supplies you need. It’s natural to try to save time and energy for short-term gain, but it can cost you much in the long run or even for your next product order. You might end up letting down your customers if your supplier falls short, so make sure you know who you’re dealing with:

  • Manufacturers and vendors are the primary sources in the supply chain, researching, developing, and producing the products you need for your products.
  • Wholesalers and distributors don’t produce the parts, but they buy supplies in bulk, store them and sell them in smaller quantities.
  • Importers bring in supplies produced overseas, extending the complexities of the supply chain in multiple ways.

Finding the best type of supplier depends on factors, including the specialized nature of your parts, the timeframe in which you need your parts, and your budget. The ideal choice is to go with a manufacturer that will work with you on a more personal level to ensure you always have the parts you need.

2. Double-Check Your Measurements & Work With Prototypes

If you are submitting an order for a new part for your product or products, Home Business recommends that you ensure that you have double-checked your measurements. Depending on how small your team is, it’s easy to miss a task like this if you’re on a tight deadline for production. Work with your team to make sure they’ve provided a prototype and that your manufacturer has sent a model to try out before ordering in bulk. If you order without doing a test run, you’ll likely end up paying a hefty fee for a high-volume order for a part that doesn’t fit.

3. Find a Trusted Local Secondary Sourcing Partner

When you find a trusted supply chain parts manufacturing partner, you can eliminate most problems that many startups encounter with improperly fitting parts or late shipments. They will help you find success domestically, helping to streamline the supply chain and cut costs by thoroughly going over your order before you place it and their production team starts rolling. Your sourcing partner will always work with the template you designed and tested together, so you know you’ll always get the precise parts you need to satisfy your customers in diverse industries, such as medical, surgical, aerospace, industrial supply, combustion engines, and automotive.

Enjoy Startup Success With All the Bulk Parts You Need

It’s easy to get excited about the end product without fully understanding the supply chain when launching your startup, but the more you learn, the more you’ll save and satisfy your customers. By knowing more about the various suppliers, the value of prototype testing and refinement, and choosing a local secondary sourcing partner, you’ll get a great head start producing and delivering products on time and to your customers’ satisfaction.