If you’re required to write an essay, term paper, or thesis, you don’t want your paper to contain any mistakes. Many students hire professionals to edit their papers. However, their help often costs good money. If you don’t wish to use an editor’s services, writing, and editing tools online can help you out. There are plenty of excellent tools that will allow you to keep your texts free from the majority of mistakes and errors. If you don’t know about any tools of this sort, you should learn about 5 best custom writing tools you can use.

Best Custom Writing

(Top 5) Lists of Best Custom Writing Tools You can Trust & Use

Ginger –

This is a very useful app that can help you improve your writing. It can be installed on a phone, tablet, or PC. Ginger’s sentence rephraser will help you enrich your vocabulary. Ginger’s spelling book will allow you to avoid various typos. The app also contains information about grammar rules that you can check out. Using Ginger’s proofreader, you’ll be able to correct your errors with a single click.


This is a professional best custom writing service you can use if you cannot write your essay, research paper, or dissertation on your own. EWritingService.com will be able to provide you with a high-quality paper written from scratch on any topic. The service allows choosing a writer from their staff to work on your order. The prices of EWritingService are affordable, and their papers are top-notch.

SlickWrite –

This is a web tool that proofreads any texts. It will check your sentences not only for grammar mistakes but also for the excessive usage of passive voice, adverb, and so on. You can also make it provide you with a statistical analysis of your text on different factors like the number of adverbs or sentences of particular types (simple, compound, and long.) The tool cannot replace a real editor, of course, but it’ll help you improve your text greatly nevertheless. A big advantage is that you can use it for free.

ZenPen –

This is a tool that provides online writing research papers services. ZenPen is a very minimalistic app that will allow you to focus on your writing fully. It includes standard editing and formatting features, so you’ll be able to insert quotes and links in your text, make the text italic or bold, and so on. If you need to write a text of a particular length, you can set the needed word count, and the tool won’t allow you to exceed it. The tool also allows you to invert the colors of your workspace if you prefer working at night. You can save everything you wrote in ZenPen on your computer.

Grammarly –

This is an excellent proofreading and editing tool used even by the writers in a reputable academic writing service. Grammarly checks everything you write for different mistakes and provides you with suggestions on how to correct them. The premium version of the tool can also help you format your text in accordance with the needed style and check your papers for plagiarism. However, even the free version of Grammarly will make your writing much cleaner and prevent you from making embarrassing mistakes.

So, to make sure your academic papers will be written in a strong way and not contain any errors, you have a lot of web tools to use. If you want to make your text even better, however, you can hire a real editor to look at it. After professional editing, your paper will be more reader-friendly.