Why Are Transcription Services Important?

Top 7 Transcription Services in 2021

At the moment, when you need to convert audio or video content into text for your business, you need to do it accurately. Of course, you can waste hours or even days trying to cope with such a task on your own, but you risk having related difficulties in this case. To catch difficult words may seem to be a simple task, but it is only at first glance. This is why most businesses decide to use transcribing tools for media. As a result, you can get a document that contains all significant details from the meeting, webinars, calls, or virtual conferences. Plus, you will have access to multiple formats of the material and use it for many purposes.

The Best Professional Transcription Online Services

If you decide to save your time and effort and entrust such an important task to professionals, then you need to choose the best transcription website. Here is the list of the leading companies that have a good reputation and always try to meet the expectations of the clients.


The first place in the list of top transcription services is given to Transcriberry. It is a professional service that provides users with plenty of related options. The company comes up with plenty of advantages: quick delivery, secure ordering process, top-quality assurance, clear pricing system, and powerful software for an accurate result. The transcription process with Transcriberry is very simple. You need to choose the service, upload the file or add a URL. The support team is always at your hand to help you with any issue. The company promises to transcribe audio to text from 30 minutes to 12 hours even if it contains difficult, special terms.


Rev is a well-known transcription service provider that offers a lot of options for clients. A list of services includes subtitles, captions, and translation of all types of video and audio files. The project can be done in just a couple of hours with an accuracy rate of up to 99%. The service uses both AI and professional human transcribers that altogether guarantee an excellent result. The balance between error rate and speed is also impressive.


If you do not like the idea of working with human transcribers, then Sonix will become a great option for you. It is a completely automated transcribing tool for media. As a result, you can enjoy a quick result instead of waiting until professional human transcribers provide you with a top-quality document. There is an in-browser editor to enhance the quality of your transcript. A wide range of features includes speaker labeling, word-by-word timestamps, numerous export options, etc. Integration with other popular tools like YouTube, Zoom, and others, makes Sonix a good option for all types of businesses.


It is another transcription provider that comes up with plenty of options for any budget. A client can enjoy good-quality manual and automated services. The turnaround time of manual transcription service is 35 hours and comes with 99% accuracy. Also, it is possible to add time coding, speaker tracking, subtitles, and even more. The great thing is that you can watch the process and download the working version if you need to use it urgently.


If you have a file with hard-to-recognize accents and plenty of difficult words, then GoTranscript may become a great choice for you. The transcription service supports 48 different languages and can cope with any complex project. The prices are reasonable. However, if you are not in Britain currently, you may face the problem of timing since the time quotes are established in their time zone.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription hires only professional human transcribers as it is the main priority for the service. Here you do not have an option of automatic transcription. Hence the delivery speed may seem to be a little slow. The service boasts plenty of satisfied clients and successful projects. It offers transcriptions of business, legal, academic, podcast, and video with assured data security.


This service offers top-quality options for a number of industries. TranscriptionPanda caters to universities, hospitals, corporations, individuals, and nonprofits. The transcripts are prepared by in-house staff and are delivered in MS Word format. The specialists are checking the files a few times to make sure that they are accurate enough. You can quickly place the order by uploading a file or sharing a link. The pricing system is accurate, and the expected accuracy is 98-100%.

What is the Best Transcription Service for Me?

Knowing top transcription services in 2021, you can study them better, check prices, options and conditions to make the final decision. The best transcription service for you is the one that can fully meet your expectations, deliver a top-quality result quickly and provide you with an attentive support system to solve any urgent issues. Transcriberry is the first on this list for a good reason. Uniting professional human transcribers and automated software under a single umbrella, it offers a wide range of options for everybody at a reasonable price.

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