Facebook offers a platform where people connect with others from across the globe. It’s a platform where you can share any information, no matter how personal. When people buy a new home or an expensive car, social media is the first place they share the news.

Top 6 Facebook Hackers with No Survey

Although this may be a great way to show off, there are inherent dangers. Many people have exposed themselves to cybercrime as a result of what they post on Facebook. If your child or spouse is fond of sharing everything on Facebook, you may want to do something about it.

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(100% Work) Top 6 Facebook Hackers with No Survey 

One thing you can do is hack their Facebook account. Read on to know all about how to hack Facebook without survey. In this post, we’ll share the top 6 Facebook hackers with no survey. Let’s check these top hacking apps out!

1. Spyier

Spyier is the best and most reliable tool you can use to hack a Facebook account with no survey. Trusted by millions of satisfied users in over 190 countries, Spyier allows you to hack any Facebook account remotely. This means you don’t have to touch your target’s device to check their Facebook page.


You also don’t need to log in to their account. All you have to do is sign in to your Spyier dashboard. You will start to view all posts, pictures, videos, and private chats sent and received through the Facebook account.

Beyond Facebook, Spyier also enables you to hack the Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts of your target. You will also have access to their call logs, camera, GPS location, and other apps on their device.

Reputable organizations and tech platforms recognize Spyier, and many have given positive reports about it. Top among these are LifeHacker, CNET, Forbes, Android Authority, iGeekBlog, and the New York Times. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

How does Spyier Work?

Spyier allows you to monitor a target device in stealth mode. This means the software works without being detected. It will be impossible for the device’s owner to detect that the software is enabled on their phone.

If the target device is an Android version, it is required that you install the Spyier app on the target device. However, you don’t need to root the phone. You can complete the set-up in less than five minutes. When the app has been installed, you can hide it, and it will start working in stealth mode.

How does Spyier Work

Keylogger gives access to all username and password used to sign in to all social media accounts on the device. With these, you can log in to the Facebook account of your spouse or child to view all their activities. You can also login to other social media apps on the device.

The iOS version doesn’t require any installation. You also don’t need to jailbreak the device. To make Spyier work on iOS, you need the iCloud details of the target device. Provide the details at the point of registration and wait for it syncs with your dashboard. 

How does Spyier Work

You will be able to view every activity of the target device on your Spyier dashboard. Spyier is web-based and can be accessed through any web browser on a PC or phone.

2. Minspy

Minspy is a reputable Facebook hacking tool. Trusted by millions of users across the world, Minspy makes hacking a device very simple. You don’t need any hacking experience to use this software. The tool is safe, and you can be assured that none of your information is stored on the server.


Minspy is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device. Beyond Facebook, the app can also hack other social media accounts like Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat.

You don’t have to install any app for the iOS version, but Android requires a small installation. Minspy for Android also works in stealth mode and can’t be detected by the device’s owner. As soon as it’s installed, it disappears and starts working in the background.

3. Spyine

With Spyine, you can hack an Android and iOS conveniently. The software gives complete access to the Facebook activities of the target device. You will be able to view the posts, videos, pictures, and private messages sent and received through the device.


Spyine works in stealth mode and doesn’t affect the functionality of the device. It doesn’t drain the battery or take up memory space. In addition to Facebook, Spyine also gives access to other apps on the target device. These include WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and Instagram. 

Like the aforementioned hacking tools, Spyine doesn’t require that you root or jailbreak the target device. The iOS version doesn’t require that you install an app on the target device. However, you need to install a small app for the Android version. 

4. Spyic

Spyic is a leading hacking app, especially in the category of parental control apps. If you want to monitor the activities of your child online, Spyic is the app to pick. It allows you to keep a tab on your kids without getting caught.


Spyic gives access to Facebook posts, pictures, videos, and private chats on the target device. It also enables you to view other social media accounts, phone logs, and text messages on the target device. Just like Spyier and Cocospy, Spyic doesn’t require that you jailbreak or root the target device.

The Android version of Spyic requires that you install a small-sized app. When installed, you don’t need to touch the device to gain access to its data. You can view everything from your Spyic dashboard. Spyic is safe and free of malware, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of information.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is another excellent Facebook hacker. Its features are similar to Spyier. It’s simple to use, and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices with OS4 and higher. With Cocospy, you don’t have to worry about being caught. It works in stealth mode and undetected by the target device’s owner.


The app is very effective for hacking a Facebook account. It is also a great hacking tool for other social media accounts. Beyond this, it also gives access to browser history, call logs, text messages, and more on the target device.

Cocospy also enables geofencing set-up by setting restrictions on the target device. When the device crosses the restricted areas, you will receive the alerts. Cocospy also doesn’t require that you jailbreak or root the target device to access all its features. 


XNSPY is another Facebook hacking tool to consider. It’s a self-acclaimed most advanced hacking software for Facebook. It’s designed for parental control, and its features are also impressive. Apart from Facebook hacking, it also allows you to view call logs, lock a phone, and wide data from the target device.

Although the features of the app look interesting, the app has received some negative reviews from its users. Most of the issues stem from the non-functionality of some of the main apps. Many users have also complained about the poor customer service offered by the team at XNSP.


There you have it! These are the top 6 Facebook Hackers with no survey that you can explore in the market today. A word of caution; before you hack into a Facebook account, make sure that it is for the right reasons.

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