If you have secured a seat in one of the MBA colleges in Mumbai or any other cities in India, then you must have put your 100% to get the entrance. While most MBA aspirants put in a year or months effort to secure admission in the course, most are often clueless on how to survive the grueling schedule of the MBA program. Not only MBA has a vast and in-depth syllabus, the two years curriculum is often filled with conferences, seminars, projects, presentations, and internships. The demanding schedule coupled with huge curriculum often becomes the root cause of frustration among the students.

MBA Colleges

If you are one of them, then here are some essential tips for surviving MBA Colleges:-

  1. Time management: When you are studying MBA, time management is an essential skill that you’ll need. Without proper time management techniques, you cannot even hope to balance your syllabus and extra-curricular activities. Scheduling your studying, classes, and extra-curricular activities in the beginning of the week can be a great way to save time. You can use an old-fashioned schedule chart for the purpose and stick the same around your study area. However, there are many easy to use scheduler apps that you can download on your smartphone and keep a tab on your activities.
  2. Make your schedule flexible: Rigidity or monotony is one of the major reasons why students cannot stick to their schedules. To avoid this situation, make your schedule flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen situations or some fun time. This way your schedule will not go topsy-turvy if a minor emergency crops up.
  3. Stay updated: If you are studying in one of the top MBA colleges in Mumbai or any other metro cities of the country, you probably know the importance of staying updated already. Management is one field where you’ll have to have good knowledge about current affairs and recent market trends. Reading a newspaper regularly can be a great way for staying updated. Financial dailies and magazines are really great for information on industry news and market trends. In case you are finding it hard to sit down and read a newspaper, you can read them online too on your smartphone. This way you can utilise unproductive time such as waiting on a line or commute time to stay connected to the industry information.
  4. Learn new technology: Well, when you have to do a lot in a little time, then technology is your best friend. Be it mastering PowerPoint to make awesome presentations or getting an android app for recording your lectures, technology can make your campus life super smooth. So, take the time to learn about any new technology that can help you achieve more in lesser time.
  5. Explore various employment options: If you are studying in one of the top MBA colleges in the country, then on campus placement is definitely not your only employment option. As an MBA aspirant in one of the top colleges, you can explore various offbeat employment options such as start-ups, joint ventures etc. You may explore these options before going for on-campus placement.
  6. Have fun: Last but not the least, have fun in your campus days. Although an MBA curriculum looks quite intimidating, don’t forget to enjoy your college days while they last. Relax time and fun activities are quite crucial for your brain to function properly. Thus, no matter how tight your schedule is, make sure to leave room for activities that you enjoy most.

So, these are some top tips for surviving any MBA college without stress. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to glide through your MBA with ease.


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