In today’s scenario, smartphones and Android Apps are the musts for every student. So either you convince your parents to buy you an android phone because it will help you in every aspect of your student life or just get the one yourself and take its help in your studies. It has been seen that since the arrival of smartphones, Android Apps have been given more advantages, and it also actually deserves it. & Here, we are going to show you some of the best Android Apps for Students.

Android Apps for Students

We all know that student life is hectic and requires many tasks to be done in less span of time. Therefore, all this can be done with the superb Android Apps that can easily download from the Google play store. On the other hand, searching for the best Android app can be very difficult because dozens are available.

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(Top 10) Best Android Apps for Students to Use in 2022

When it came to Android apps for students to use in 2019, there is a huge range available that can help in almost every aspect of your student’s life. Some of the best and the top 10 Android Apps for Students to use in 2019 are described as follows:

1. Tasker –


One of the first Android Apps for Students in this category is Tasker. This is basically a programming tool that lets you set your own triggers based on your environment and circumstances. For example, it can detect when you are in the library and will work according to that only. Further, it can launch apps automatically and perform actions accordingly.

2. Photomath –


The second best Android Apps for Students to use in 2019 is Photomath. This is basically for all high school students who are studying math and dealing with algebra problems. It will basically act as your mobile buddy that can instantly solve and explain your problems.

3. Wunderlist –


Another excellent Android Apps for Students to be used in the year 2019 is Wunderlist. This app will prioritize your work and help you stay on top of what you need to get done. It has various features for everyone, which further includes the ability to make multiple lists projects and can also create members.

4. MyHomework –


One of the most important Android Apps for Students that will be needed in the year 2019 is this app. Whether you are in school or college, you will always have lots of assignments to finish and project reports to submit within less span of time. This app will plan your work accordingly, just like your personal study assistant.

5. Mint –

Mint Android Apps for Students

Another successful Android Apps for Students is Mint. Students also have lots of daily expenses which they need to manage to run their life smoothly. Therefore, this app will manage all your financial decisions very easily and will also keep track of your expenses.

6. EdX –

EdX Android Apps for Students

Edx is an excellent Android Apps for Students who cannot attend regular college classes. It makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to learn from various types of institutions and even provides a certificate for it while you are at it.

7. RefMe –

RefMe Android Apps for Students

Another Android App for Students in 2019 is this one. It will basically put together all your citations and bibliographies for you. It is the world’s number one automating Android App for Students. Further, it can also generate citations by scanning any book or journal barcodes using your smartphone camera.

8. My Study Life –

My Study Life Android Apps for Students

Another most useful and innovative Android Apps for Students in 2019 will be my study life app. It basically acts as a planner for students, which will further make your life easier by storing all the essential information like your class schedules, homework, and assignments.

9. CALCU –

CALCU Android Apps for Students

Calcu is the other innovative version of the calculators. It is fast, simple, and easy to understand and use by any student. Further, besides the basics, this calculator also has an objective function and displays calculation history for you.

10. Student Budget –

Android Apps for Students Student Budget

Last but not least is this app, which will help you manage your budget. Nowadays, most students work part-time jobs to earn some money and make their life self-dependent and easier. Therefore, this is a nice app that will allow you to calculate your monthly expenses and manage them so that you can also save some.

So, these are the top 10 Android apps for students, which will be very useful for them in 2019 and will make their student lives much better.

I hope you like these Android Apps for Students lists. If you have any queries or want to add something, then do comment it down in the comment section below.

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