If you are fascinated by having a tablet that supports dual operating system in your hands VOYO WinPad A9 is a name you must remember from now on. Voyo’s revolutionary device was launched in China and has many impressive specifications and features that will practically aid us to work on creative tools and to enjoy a significant number of video games in our leisure time.

VOYO WinPad A9

VOYO WinPad A9 Review Tablet PC

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(Buying Guide) VOYO WinPad A9 Review ‘Deal’ Price

The VOYO WinPad A9 device comes with 16 GB of inner storage space, has 2 GB of RAM, its front camera is 2 MP, and the rear is a VGA 0.3 MP shooter. In addition, the battery has a power of 4200 mAh. This may seem sensational since that power is higher than whatever we have esteemed in other alike devices. The realism of the case is that this battery would be proposing just five hours of work autonomy as said by the manufacturer.

At a Glance:

Price$560 only
MemoryBuilt-In Memory of 64 GB which is expandable upto 64 GB
ProcessorIntel Atom Z3770 Quad-core processor clocking at 1460.0 MHz
DisplayLCD IPS Color (16M) 1920×1200 px (10.1″) 224PPI
BatteryLi-Po 8000 mAh
ConnectivityWiFi b/g/n 5 GHz Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS & A-GPS
Ports2.0 Standard USB & Mini Sim card slot
Weight1024 g
Dimensions172 x 258 x 8.5 mm, vol. 377.2 cm³
OSMicrosoft Win 8.1
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Voyo WinPad A9 Features and Specifications –

Voyo WInpad A9 Overview

Voyo WinPad A9 Operating System (OS):

The tablet comes with genuine windows 8.1 system, sustained by a flood of applications.

Voyo WInpad A9 OS

  • It can run effortlessly whether routine software or games. WinPad A9 HD 3G is equipped with the open Windows 8.1 operating system. You can install lots of Apps like customary PC.
  • You’ll moreover get straight access to Xbox Music, videos, games, and Skype to help you stay connected. You can get used to it with no time. This tablet is flawlessly compatible with the preceding working data and programs.
  • Combined with the new-generation potent Office, this tablet can generate brand new potent mobile office for you. What’s more, by the Window app store, you could download any app you want.

Benefits of Dual Operating Systems:

Although multiple times Android News blog have stated it to be a separate programmed operating system which cannot be compared with other systems. There are times in which the installation of an android emulator in operating systems like windows is recommended. For instance, you can usage Bluestacks on Windows, Linux or Mac, or you can also choose Windrose, which we have used in many “reviews” because of its work stability offered in personal computers.

Voyo WInpad A9 Dual OS

  • The great benefit of using dual operating systems is that the user can choose between using the boot manager (Dual Boot).
  • So, if you want to work with Windows 8.1 or KitKat Android 4.4; any of the two operating systems that we select can be used. This is done with all the resources of the tablet, and therefore it offers a significantly large work efficiency.
  • The single drawback of this Android emulator is that it is compatible only with Windows.

So, if you have come to like the services, it offers why not prefer Windows and Android on a single computer. Yes, that’s right with Voyo’s new Winpad A9 this is possible.

Voyo WinPad A9 Display:

Voyo WInpad A9 Screen

  • The device comes with 10.1 inches screen made using IPS technology with a resolution of 1920*1200.The Grain, of course, is noticeable.
  • Concerning the sensitivity of the sensor, I will say that for me it is adequate. But keep in mind. I requisite a tablet for my work. I almost do not play games.
  • 1 Inch IPS Capacitive Screen moreover makes the picture clearer, and bright, OGS bonding technology permits internal and external look of the screen more realistic.
  • In addition to the design of WinPad A9 is very sensibly, all the jacks and buttons are set on the left side. It’s friendly for users.
  • This would not only as a tablet but moreover, like PC, you can go to the tuning mode according to their mood, which is a desire in our own

Voyo WinPad A9 CPU:

Voyo WInpad A9 Processor

  • It has an Intel Atom Z3735 kind processor, Its CPU incorporates Intel professional PC-level HD Graphic, playing <League of Legends>, and such a big game is not lagging.
  • WinPad A9 HD 3G through lightning-fast performance. Search for Intel Inside and move smoothly between applications by a powerful quad-core Intel Atom 64 bit processor which frequency up to 2.4GHz.

Voyo WinPad A9 Graphics:

You get the elementary Windows through the VOYO A9. There’s no bloatware to deal with, all you get is an average set of Windows apps. You are free to download further software from the Windows Market.

Voyo WInpad A9 GPU

  • Microsoft is still stressed to get a significant amount of developers on board to create touch-enabled apps; however, we’re sure that will be altered in the near future.
  • Some of the major app creators like Evernote offer distinct “touch” versions that seem insufficient, to say the least.
  • Maximum Windows apps don’t support the touch input, however as I said we’re looking to see that shifting soon. In the meantime, you will be using your finger in its place of a mouse.

Voyo WinPad A9 Memory:

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Voyo WInpad A9 Ram

  • The dual-channel 4GB DDR3 1067 low-power RAM and 2MB second-level cache, relish the speed 33% faster than that of the last generation.
  • In addition to power consumption 4 times less than main-stream DDR3 RAM, more efficiently prolonging the working time of tablet.
  • What is more, the larger RAM as well as faster response, make the game playing as well as working easier.

VOYO WinPad A9 Storage

Voyo WInpad A9 Storage

  • Through the 64GB SSD, the read and write speed could be up to 400M/s, 6 times as fast as that of usual HDD.
  • This lets you start the VOYO A9 up in no time, in addition, to play big games without waiting.
  • There are no mechanical portions in the SSD; thus even the tablet is moved fast, revolved over or inclined. Although the SSD could still work well.
  • And even there is collision or vibration, the choice of losing data could be reduced to the least.

Voyo WinPad A9 Camera:

This remarkable device has a handy list of top-level features. The device comes with both rear and front cameras.

Voyo WInpad A9 Camera

  • Where the front shooter is of 2.0 MP and the back camera is powered by a 5.0 MP shooter
  • Both of the cameras are good and click clear and sharp pictures.

Voyo WinPad A9 Battery:

VOYO WinPad A9

The WinPad A9 comes with a large capacity battery of 8000 mAh. With such power, it is possible to use WinPad A9 HD 3G to play games, watch movies as well as work for a long time.

Voyo WinPad A9 Ports & Connectivity:

Voyo WInpad A9 Ports

  • Now let us talk about connectors, the tablet has a mini USB connector through OTG support. It also supports micro SD cards up to 64 GB. Fine, one of the important causes why my choice fell on this tablet is Mini HDMI. And yes there is still a headphone jack. Also, the device supports Wi-Fi and bluebells.

VOYO WinPad A9

  • The device comes with full support of WiFi b/g/n 5 GHz Dual Band which lets you browse and surf the internet at your will.
  • The device also supports network connectivity with the help of its mini sim card slot.
  • It also supports other connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0. The Winpad A9 is also equipped with GPS & A-GPS features.Voyo WInpad A9 Connectivity

VOYO WinPad A9 Miscellaneous:

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VOYO WinPad A9 Network

Voyo WInpad A9 Network

VOYO WinPad A9 VPen

For me, the most delightful thing is the VPen. Accepting the Palm-blocking technology as good that of Microsoft, the pressure sensitivity is further than 250 level. And you could use it as a mouse by a V button on the pen holder. You don’t have to make the pen tip touch the surface to complete operations. Coming through suspension function, this VPen could complete the missions while it is just close to the screen. This pen is actually fantastic, and you can use it to take notes, emails, as well as draw graffiti like you, do by a real pen.

VOYO WinPad A9 Built

Voyo WInpad A9 Built

VOYO WinPad A9 Accessories:

VOYO WinPad A9 Tablet Cover Case

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VOYO WinPad A9 Tablet Cover Case

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VOYO WinPad A9 Pros & Cons –

VOYO WinPad A9 Pros:

  • Decent Hardware
  • Impressive Productivity with different OS
  • Good Camera

VOYO WinPad A9 Cons:

  • A bit costly

Voyo WInpad A9 Dimensions


The 11.6-inch of VOYO WinPad A9 is super-slim liquid crystal screen, which accepts the greatly optimized Full HD screen technology. It has dramatically improved the color depth and gradual variation. Cooperated through the 1920*1200 resolution and ten-point touch control, you can have actually impressive viewing experience.

The tablet is very alike with the ultra-extreme, just plug-in the included, you could use the same as a laptop. It can be distorted, looks cool, like a notebook as it is easy to make together. The common Android tablets are to use OTG cable or a Bluetooth linking to a keyboard, as opposed to more trouble as well as not easy to carry and shield. Voyo WinPad A9 has an additional special feature that is the usage of 64GB SSD. However, numerous Android tablet is made from NAND memory, as opposed to speaking. SSD is faster than NAND on reading as well as writing, so bring the programs to run faster.