When you hear or read the word combination “live streaming”, it is highly possible that you start thinking about world-famous on-demand services such as Hulu or Netflix. Probably that’s the first association that will come to your mind in the majority of cases. Or maybe you will recollect Twitch TV, Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories Live. However, today live streaming is a popular feature not only on entertainment platforms. This functionality can be of great use for companies that work in many different industries. And in this article, we like to explain how your business can use video streaming technologies.

What Benefits Your Business Can Enjoy with a Live Streaming App

Live Streaming: Quick Overview

According to various studies, the popularity of live-streaming content among internet users is gradually growing. At the moment, around 30% of people who have regular access to the internet worldwide watch video streaming content weekly. Without any doubt, this figure can be a good sign that lives streaming is definitely worth being considered by you if you are looking for new channels and tools to deliver content to your target audience.

Live streaming apps can be used for sharing various types of events in real-time, promoting goods and services via video presentations, organizing workshops and seminars, running interviews, providing consultations, and establishing closer relations with your customers. Of course, a full range of video streaming use cases is not limited to those that we’ve mentioned above.

Depending on your needs and expectations, a streaming development company can build either a stand-alone solution for delivering real-time content or create a feature-rich software product with video streaming functionality.

How can Different Industries Use Live Streaming Platforms?

If you are searching for ways to apply such solutions for the needs of your business, we offer you a look at how live streaming can be adopted within various spheres. It will help you to better understand what fruits it can bring to your company and understand some industry-specific benefits that it has.

Social Media & Entertainment

It is one of the most popular and obvious spheres where live streaming has been introduced. Live streaming events held by top bloggers and influencers attract millions of viewers and help to increase their activity. It’s also important not to forget that video streaming practically saved the entertainment industry in 2020 when due to COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictive measures a huge number of offline concerts, games, matches, and festivals were cancelled or postponed.


Telehealth and telemedicine solutions have already become quite common options in many countries and their adoption is still going on. They help to increase the accessibility of medical services and to make it possible for doctors and patients to communicate in a fully remote format. Such solutions can be viewed as tools for decreasing operating costs and reducing the time that is typically required for getting an appointment. Though video streaming can’t fully replace face-to-face medical examinations, at least doctors can see patients, analyze their visual look, check reactions, and communicate fully in real-time. Quite often such apps may also be powered by IoT and be connected to various wearables and other medical devices that will measure vital parameters, accumulate, and process the gathered data.


eLearning has become something significantly more important than just a modern trend. Though it is too early to say that it is a full-scale successor to traditional educational methods, it will now be sensible to admit that it can smartly complement the system built years ago. Modern students can learn not only from paper books sitting at their desks. With live streaming platforms that offer different courses and provide access to online lessons, they can get new knowledge from everywhere and actively participate in the learning process.

Real Estate

When a person is looking for the living or commercial properties, it is possible that he or she wants to see not only pics and photos. But visiting all the chosen properties can take too much time. Live streaming apps can help to solve this problem. Real estate agents can visit the properties and organize presentations in real-time, answer questions, and closely show the required details.

Retail & eCommerce

This industry is known for very tough competition between market players. That’s why entrepreneurs and companies need to be as creative as possible in order to attract clients and influence the consumer decision-making process. Video streaming content can become a cool way to engage clients, establish closer communication with them, boost brand awareness and recognition, as well as drive sales.


With the increasing demand for telehealth, eLearning, and entertainment apps that have live streaming functionality, the popularity of the related technologies is growing. That’s why we can suppose that video streaming will become a new standard for many industries. And if you see possible benefits of such apps and features for your business, you shouldn’t miss your chance to introduce them to your clients while your competitors still haven’t done it.