Birthstones are semi-precious and precious gemstones, which represent each month of the Georgian calendar. Many people believe that these birthstones have unique and powerful characteristics that can unlock the true meaning of life or destiny. The concept of these gemstones was invented by Titus Flavius Josephus, who was a 1st-century Jewish historian. He believed that there is a link between Aaron’s breastplate [described in Exodus] and the twelve gemstones, along with the twelve zodiac signs and twelve months of the year. So, if you wish to learn more about your birthstones’ meanings, take a look at this article.

What Does Your Birthstone Say About You

1. Garnet [January]

If you are born in January, your birthstone will be Garnet. It’s well-known for its pomegranate-red color and comes in pink, yellow, orange, green, and purple. Garnet represents willpower, confidence, and energy.

2. Amethyst [February]

Amethyst will be your birthstone if you are born in February. This particular gemstone comes in pale lavender and dark violet. In the past, people believed that wearing Amethyst would ward off drunkenness. The gemstone also represents spirituality, peace, and serenity.

3. Aquamarine [March]

Aquamarine is ideal for individuals born in March. The gemstone carries a glittering light blue shade and has been associated with the sea. The birthstone can make the wearer straightforward, excellent at communication, inspiring, and calm.

4. Diamond [April]

Diamonds are one of the most loved gemstones across the globe. It comes in shades, such as purple, blue, pink, yellow, grey, brown, green, and can also be colorless. Diamond is for all the April babies out there. It will make the wearer have a determined personality.

5. Emerald [May]

Emeralds are pretty famous for their unique green color. The gemstone is ideal for all the people born in May. The birthstone represents patience, wealth, growth, and true love. It will also make the wearer compassionate, ambitious, and empathetic.

6. Pearl [June]

Pearls are round gemstones that are produced within shelled mollusks. They also have natural luminescence and bring the wearer good health, a clear mind, and protection. Individuals with pearl birthstones are said to be thoughtful, loyal, and patient.

7. Ruby [July]

Ruby is a gemstone, which the royals have favored for hundreds of years. It can provide the wearer with courage, strength, and also protect the wearer from evil. The birthstone is for the July babies, and it makes them ambitious, confident, and passionate.

8. Peridot [August]

Peridot is a green-colored gemstone, which is associated with high energy, hope, and happiness. Peridot can make the wearer outgoing, not afraid to take risks, positive, and enthusiastic.

9. Sapphire [September]

Sapphire is a beautiful and unique gemstone. It comes in many colors, and the most loved shade is sapphire blue. It can bring the wearer wisdom, link him/her with high spirituality and protect him or her from danger.

10.  Pink Tourmaline [October]

The Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone that carries a unique pink shade. The gemstone is said to possess healing powers. Those with this birthstone are said to be spontaneous, highly individual, intuitive, and enthusiastic.

11. Citrine [November]

Citrine carries a stunning yellow-orange shade. It will bring the wearer happiness, good luck, and good health. Citrine is the birthstone for all the November babies and will make the wearer hopeful, family-oriented, and optimistic.

12. Blue Topaz [December]

Blue Topaz is a gemstone that represents calmness, increases strength, and good sleep. Individuals who have the Blue Topaz as their birthstone are affectionate, wise, and calm.

Final Thoughts

Here are the twelve birthstones that represent all the twelve months. Please go through all of them in this article and find out which birthstone belongs to you.