Privacy has become essential for anyone enjoying their digital life. With hackers, cybercriminals, and government surveillance all capturing user data, it’s imperative to have a smartphone that can protect your private data and conversations.

Privacy-Focused Smartphones

As there are thousands of smartphones in the market, it becomes tough to analyze which one is the best for you in terms of privacy and security.

To help you out with that, we’ve outlined a list of the best privacy-focused smartphones on the market. Each one boasts different levels of security and privacy features that have their unique significance. Read along to find your perfect match!

Sirin Finney

This phone is one of the marvels that can help you keep every small bit of your private information secure. Let’s study some of the ingenious features of this phone.

  • It is a central multi-layer protection system of the phone that includes IP address hiding and MAC address randomization. It is great for those worried about being tracked by hackers over the network.
  • No Component Tampering. The phone features a hardware root of trust system that makes sure that no hardware component of the phone is tampered with before booting. Thus, ensuring all-around security.
  • Trusted Display. Sirin Finney goes one step further than other phones on the list in terms of safety. How? When using applications, Trusted Display protects all the inputs such as touches on the screen using ARM TrustZone. This makes it impossible for hackers or cybercriminals to use a keylogger.
  • Secure Apps. The cherry on the cake is the apps that come pre-included in the phone. For instance, Sirin Finney comes with options for secure and private emailing. Moreover, users can encrypt voice calls by using the Koolspan TrustCall app.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

When we are talking about gadgets, Apple always has something to offer. In terms of phones with privacy and security features, Apple boasts one of its latest iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are some key insights about it.

  • Offline tracking. If someone steals your iPhone and disables its internet connection in order to avoid being found by Find My, they’re still out of luck because your phone sends an encrypted location report via Bluetooth to any nearby iOS 13 device that can then upload this data for you to Find Me.
  • Password Manager. It is a cool feature of the iPhone 11 Pro Max that security-conscious users will love. The device has a built-in password manager named iCloud Keychain. You can use it to store all your passwords and generate new ones for the apps you use. These passwords are encrypted with keys stored in Apple’s Secure Enclave to keep them safe from prying eyes.
  • Secure Face ID. Apple Face ID is one of the most secure and fastest biometric login systems. It projects 30,000 dots onto the face of the individual to create a 3D depth map. This map is then encrypted and secured in the isolated system-on-chip environment, Secure Enclave. When you use Face ID, it creates a new map and compares it with the pre-stored map.
  • Apple Sign-in. The new Sign-in with Apple feature makes it super easy for users to sign in to a third-party app without giving it access to any of your data. You can just use a throwaway email to stay safe.

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google has recently launched some pretty awesome smart devices that have raised the benchmark for the smartphone giants. The tech giant has developed some ingenious features that help users keep their personal information to themselves easily. Here is how!

  • Titan M chip. The Pixel 4 XL has top-notch security features. The enterprise-grade Titan M chip handles all sensitive transactions such as mobile payments and apps targeting StrongBox KeyStore API (added in Android 9). The best part? It does so without compromising your phone to hackers, and it is separated from the System-on-chip.
  • Phone Lock. No matter if it is the face lock or the passcode lock, every minor detail in the face map and the passcode is verified by the Titan M chip.
  • Spam call protection. With the built-in AI-Powered call screen features, Google Pixel 4 XL can help you say goodbye to spam calls.
  • Rollback protection. The Google Pixel 4 XL offers a rollback protection feature that helps to keep hackers from downgrading your phone for easy data stealing. Plus, it won’t update unless you enter the passcode and allow it. Further, it also protects from bootloader tampering.
Final Words

In a world where privacy is a primary concern, the safest bet for smartphone ownership is to go with one that offers the best protection.

It’s always best to stay informed about new technologies to make your own decision on what will work for you. To ensure that your online activities are secure, use a VPN for smartphones. It will encrypt all the data you are exchanging on the web. It is a perfect tool to ensure that your device is as secure as possible.

We hope this write-up has helped provide some information on how these phones work and which ones are worth considering when looking for a device that won’t invade your privacy.