Online courses and video lectures have become an alternative to classical forms of education since the beginning of the pandemic. Students found some great advantages in distance learning: flexible schedule, a chance to choose one’s own pace, and most importantly – the ability to study from any convenient place, in a truly comfortable environment.

Devices to Help You Through Distance Learning

These days, for productive study sessions, you need not only motivation but also a stable internet connection and several gadgets. In this article, we have collected 8 of them and the reasons why these devices provide you with the best conditions for learning.

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When we compare a laptop and a traditional PC, the main advantage that comes to mind is its mobility. With a laptop, you are not tied to any place, be it an apartment, a specific room, or a garden near your home. This way, you can listen to a history lecture while drinking coffee in the kitchen, take part in the math class on the lawn behind the house, and finish homework when visiting your grandmother.

When choosing a laptop for study, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The best screen size is from 13.6 to 15 inches;
  • The laptop should be able to work without charging for more than 5 hours;
  • There must be several USB ports, HDMI for connecting another monitor, and audio output for headphones;
  • A built-in webcam is perhaps the main thing you need when studying online. The higher the number of megapixels is, the clearer your picture will be.

However, even the latest laptop won’t free you from the tension that constant sitting in front of a screen brings. More and more students complain that they get tired faster and can hardly focus on anything. When you think: ‘Can someone write my term paper for me cheap?’, the answer is yes. Many online services provide help with school tasks which relieves you from studying when you’ve got zero energy.


Web Camera

In case you are not ready to buy a laptop and want to continue using a PC, be sure to buy a high-quality webcam. Since almost all classes involve active participation in discussions, it is better to choose one with a built-in microphone. Moreover, consider such details as:

  • The higher the number of matrix pixels, the better the resolution of the picture. And of course, a high-quality image requires high Internet speed;
  • The type of connection might be USB or Bluetooth;
  • Autofocus frees you from adjusting the camera every time you change its position.


Many people use the laptop’s built-in microphone and speakers during distance classes, but this often results in an annoying echo. It is best to buy headphones with a microphone, especially if your roommates are also studying or working online. This way, you won’t distract each other.

Note that headsets are often sold together with a mobile phone. So, maybe it’s high time to get them out if they are still in the box.

If studying online you are usually bothered by noise (for example, conversations of your roommates or a car horn honking outside), buying noise-canceling headphones will be an excellent idea.

Wireless headphones can be an even better purchase. They save you from unnecessary wires and free your hands. Before buying them, read how long they can work without charging (4-5 hours is a minimum).


At first glance, tablets have completely replaced e-books, but they’ve got a huge advantage for those who read a lot. Its screen is powered by electronic ink, so reading from such a display does not irritate the eyes. Why? The e-ink screen is as close to a paper page as possible which relieves you from tiring your eyes.

Take a look at the models with built-in backlight when choosing an e-book. This function allows you to read in a room without a turned-on lamp or night light. Image resolution is also important, as a big font guarantees comfort for your eyes.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Every laptop is equipped with a built-in vent, but sometimes it’s not enough to keep the device cool. We often put the laptop on our bed or knees, and it suddenly turns off due to overheating. How can you prevent this?

To ensure you won’t lose unsaved data due to a sharp shutdown, it is worth buying a laptop cooling pad. It will slow down overheating and improve the laptop’s performance. Plus, you can choose a comfortable position thanks to the adjustable legs. Therefore, your eyes will be less exhausted after sitting in front of a screen.

Some pads have built-in backlighting (it’s typically blue or red), which will definitely provide a beautiful appearance.

Wi-Fi Booster

The quality of your internet connection depends not only on the provider but also on the equipment that you use. Sometimes the router does not cope with the workload. The connection may be rather low in a place far from the router. But luckily, Wi-Fi boosters save the day.

These small devices are capable of receiving a router signal and relaying it. Thus, the coverage area is increased. As a result, you can safely move around the apartment or even sit in the garden. The connection will surely not disappear when you’ll be taking an online test or finishing a report.

Power Bank

Although modern smartphones can work long hours, now we have to be ready for anything. Power banks of the latest generation allow you to charge not only a smartphone but also a speaker and headphones.

During the pandemic, many left the bustling cities and started living in the countryside, studying there remotely. Therefore, a power bank becomes a necessity if you want to study outside for longer. This gadget does not take up much space but still has incredible functionality.

SSD Drive

Flash drives are losing their popularity. They are now considered to be a thing of the past, giving way to cloud storage. However, for large amounts of information, you need greater storage and that’s exactly when an SSD drive becomes extra handy.

Surely, some classic hard drives are relatively slow, but SSD ones are irreplaceable when the amount of data constantly grows. Some gadgets offer the storage of 500 GB, isn’t it cool?

To Sum Up

In this article, we’ve tried to find suggestions for the most common student problems: lack of free memory and charge, difficulties with the Internet connection, and fatigue after using gadgets. Thanks to the devices mentioned above, you can greatly improve your learning process just be sure to read all the characteristics before buying one.