When it comes to the Star Wars universe, you could expect perhaps millions of passionate fans. After all, there are so many reasons to love the franchise—the intricate world-building, the uniquely loveable characters, and the gripping storytelling.

The Technology Behind The Combat Lightsaber

But if there’s one weapon from the movie that’s truly iconic that everyone will probably agree with, it’s the lightsabers. In every Star Wars movie premiere and comic con, you’ll find plenty of fans, kids and adults alike, wielding their lightsaber. And for the hardcore fans of the weapon, there’s the combat lightsaber, which is more durable than the toy versions when it comes to sparring and engaging in duels.

But the difference between a combat lightsaber and the toys and decorative versions doesn’t end with the durability. Although you could consider the combat lightsaber as a toy for older kids and adults, they’re more like actual weapons because they’re built to hold up in combat. Here are all the details you need to know behind the tech that makes a combat lightsaber dual-friendly and just worth the cop.

1. Combat-Grade Blades

When you think of lightsabers, the glowing blade comes to mind. One so sharp it could cut through almost anything. But don’t worry, although the combat lightsaber looks and feels real, it won’t cut any limbs off.

Galaxy Sabers is a UK brand of lightsabers that manufacture all kinds of sabers, including precision and customized sabers. This particular brand uses a Neo Pixel blade, a polycarbonate material that other lightsaber companies use.

If you’re planning to do some heavy dueling with these blades, it’s essential to make sure they’re made for heavy impact. Depending on the manufacturer, they’ll usually indicate whether or not the polycarbonate blade is made for light, medium, or heavy duels.

They’re not as deadly as actual plasma blades, but they could still deliver some damage if you get whacked by it, so it’s best to be careful. Wearing protective gear or looking into the safety rules of lightsaber duels is something you should do if you’re planning to spar or duel with a combat lightsaber.

Also, when you damage a blade, you could have them replaced quickly. It’s a good idea to have a variety of blades in your collection, so you get the option to switch from different grades. Plus, they come in various lengths. You could have a standard one or even a photo.

If you’re worried about them popping out in the middle of a duel, you won’t have to worry. They’re usually threaded, and you could simply twist them into the hilt like a screw.

NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers
NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers

2. Custom LED Lights

The blade just can’t be considered a plasma lightsaber if it doesn’t glow. To get that signature light in different colors, LED lights are built inside the polycarbonate blade. It runs through the entire blade, but the mechanism and batteries are all controlled on the hilt.

It comes with more features too. Some sabers could have different color options that you could switch between, so you could easily go dark side with a red saber at a press of a button. With the emergence of the darksaber in the franchise, it’s easy to see why fans would want this unique blade color in their collection.

And what makes these LED lights different from other lightsaber lights is that they could handle impact and get swung around. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the lights that easily.

Custom LED Lights

3. Improved Sound Effects

Lots of lightsaber toys have sound effects, but they usually sound like unclear static. Sometimes, the poor-quality sound effects make them even painful to the ears. Another outstanding feature about the combat lightsaber is that it’s built with a special soundboard with better quality sound effects.

You could even change the sound effects because you won’t get just one humming sound. It’s programmed with multiple effects that are activated depending on how you move. For example, if you swing it, you’ll get that same swinging sound effect; and a hitting sound if it hits something.

Depending on the brand or company, some soundboards could easily be filled up with downloadable sound effects. This will enable you to mix and match your lightsaber effects and have a variety that you could use in all kinds of fights, cosplaying, or simply to show off.

Improved Sound Effects

4. Detailed Hilt

Aside from the color of the blade, another indication of what kind of lightsaber it is or which character owns it is the hilt. Unlike the toys you might see in stores, combat lightsabers have more detailed handles.

Imagine a chrome finish like Qui-Gon Jinn’s, or a combination of black and chrome-like Darth Vader’s, or the uniquely curved hilt used by Darth Bane. Most cheap plastic toys won’t get this right, but combat lightsaber manufacturers can capture every little detail perfectly.

Moreover, if you have a specific design you have in mind, you could have it custom-made. For example, there are buyers with particular requests like combining a samurai sword hilt with some Star Wars elements in their customized order. You won’t find anything like it in stores, and it’s going to be one of a kind.

5. Reinforced Hilt

The hilt is essentially the chassis that holds the batteries, chips, and sound card, so it’s essential to have it reinforced and well-made. Otherwise, everything inside, including the wiring, could come undone. If you shake the hilt and you hear rattling, it likely means everything inside might have fallen apart already.

Good hilts for combat won’t have that problem because they’re reinforced, and everything inside is fastened securely. This is important because these lightsabers are meant to be used in battle, unlike display replicas that should be handled carefully.


When it comes to lightsabers you could buy on the market, there are different products to choose from. There are ones that are good for kids, which are lightweight, often poorly-made, and fragile. On the other hand, replicas are expensive but aren’t made for dueling. You could put them on display, and they’re great collectibles, but that’s all they’re good for. A combat lightsaber is well-made, has more features, and could handle intense battles. They’re also customizable and are more detailed. If you want a saber that looks and works more realistically, almost like the ones in the movies, the combat lightsaber is for you.