Microsoft has been contributing to the world of computer and computer systems immensely for more than a decade now. They have brought different innovative ideas and infused them with advanced technological support as well. Recently, there has been an amazing trend in the usage of the cloud applications and other online platform apps for storing accessories. Microsoft, therefore, launched a new product into the market and named it Microsoft Azure. In this article, we will talk extensively about What is Microsoft Azure and all about this cloud-based application.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure and previously also known by the name of Windows Azure is a public based cloud computing stage where people can get the best range of services and benefits like computing, data analytics, high-quality storage and efficient networking. Users of Microsoft Azure has the absolute freedom to opt for the services they want and use them to fulfill their benefits. Azure is a public based cloud computing website that can be used by everyone for their own needs.

Since its inception in October 2008 and official release in February 2010, Azure has been a popular cloud-based network. Microsoft Azure has over 600 services dedicated to the users. It is very much similar to Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Azure

Azure enables users to include cloud capabilities to their existing network through the use of various models like PaaS model or with the Infrastructure as a Service, i.e., SaaS. Both the features of Azure provides reliable and secure access to the user’s cloud-hosted information and data. With a plethora of products and other services designed to be used as an effective and convenient network management system.

Functions of Microsoft Azure –

Microsoft Azure has, as we discussed before, over 600 different services and features that are used by the users as effective cloud networking and computing services that are easy and convenient to use.

Let us have a Look at some of them:-
  • Virtual Machines:

With the help of Microsoft Azure users can create Microsoft or Linux virtual machines which are pretty easy to make. The cloud-based machines will help your apps and data to be hosted on the cloud network as if they are a data center.

  • SQL Databases:

SQL databases are important in the market. Azure offers a wide array of different SQL databases and can extend to an unlimited SQL number. This feature effectively saves your overhead expenses on different sectors like hardware software and other physical
in-house expertise. Thus the SQL services are pretty much amazing to users.

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services:

This feature is almost the same as Windows Active Directory which enables the users to
manage different types of work like group policy, authentication and other important things. This gives the flexibility to the users for moving or bringing changes into their pre-existing structure or to the cloud-based network.

Microsoft Azure

  • Application Services:

Azure has brought the possibilities of creating and the deployment of global applications which are compatible and easily optimized for all popular web portable services. The flexible and scalable cloud services allow you to respond to the different aspects of
your business very quickly. Therefore, Azure has made it possible to manage production and other important things very efficiently. Microsoft Azure can be easily your one-stop solution for cloud-based business needs and a helping hand in it's development.

  • Visual Studio Team Services:

This is also an interesting feature that Microsoft Azure has, and it is the team services of different application management. Developers are offered different features like code
changes, heavy load testing and the delivery of different applications to the production by accepting collaboration from all over the world. Thus both delivery and deployment are made easier with the help of Azure.

  • Storage:

Last but not the least, Microsoft Azure has the amazing potential of providing the users with a great cloud-based storage experience which is coupled with safe and upto date security patches. The storage software and the network is flexible and can be intelligently accessed by the user only. It, therefore, eliminates the need for a huge hardware backup for your important data and other information which are required.

So here are the features and important functions of the Microsoft Azure which are very popular and makes Azure an impressive medium for the users when it comes to investing in a cloud-based business.

Cost of Microsoft Azure:

Everyone seems to be interested in using Microsoft Azure, but one of the most common questions that they have in their mind is the cost of Microsoft Azure?. Well, just like it’s features which are scalable and very impressive, Microsoft has made the cost of affording Azure flexible as well. Users will need to pay only for the features they use and not for a whole package. When you visit the official Microsoft Azure website, you will be given the option to choose the services you want, and there is an inbuilt calculator which will help you to know the price that you will have to pay. This is an amazing feature which will help you to save up money by not having to pay for a package of stuff but particularly for those which are helpful to you.

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Final Verdict:

Microsoft Azure surely has some improvements to make which will help the users to gain a higher level of service experience. However, in its present condition, it is none the less impressive and brilliant in providing amazing features and usability. With it’s globally distributed network, sorted user features, flexible fee structure, etc.

Microsoft has made sure that the users are able to use the best out of the cloud-based network to bring different developments and innovations to their pre-existing work and modules. If you are looking for an excellent long-term cloud-based computing service, then Microsoft Azure is the best choice that you have currently on the market.

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