There has never been more availability when it comes to media to stream, download, and consume. You can go online and join countless free and premium services to get entertainment from any niche and category you can imagine. With all this stuff available, there have to be ways to organize and watch everything easily. And there is.

What is Plex and How Does It Work

All-in-one streaming services, such as Plex, are becoming very popular. These services do a great job of getting all your streaming services and your own home-media together in one application. This way, you can access all your entertainment in one easy to use program. If you keep finding yourself having to switch between your media apps, such a service is going to be perfect for you.

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What does Plex Offer?

In basic terms, Plex gives users the ability to put all their media together in one place to watch at any time. It’s easy to use and available on just about any platform you could want, including PC, Android, and iOS. If you are one to get your media from many sources and file types, this service is going to be a blessing.

It is not only for people who consume third-party content, as you can also use it as a personal media server. With this option, you can take all content on any of your devices and store it in the same spot. Plex will do the work for you, enabling the neat organization and easy access.

How to Use Plex –

If you want to take advantage of having your web series, podcasts, and news in one place, it is as easy as signing up for an account and downloading an app. You can link to all your frequently used content and have access to it anywhere you go using only your Plex account.

If you are interested in the media-server side of things, they have made it simple to use too. Once you have your account, you need to download the media system to the computer and add access to the different libraries. Then you can use the app or browser on any of your devices to access your content.

Pros & Cons of Using Plex –

It may seem that the Plex service has nothing but positives. Yet here are some things you want to consider before using Plex, or an alternative.

Advantages. It is terrific for people with a lot of media who are looking to access it wherever they are. Families can share stuff across the world at the touch of a button. And everyone will enjoy how organized all that media is.

Disadvantages. While not impossible to use Plex on a virtual private network, it is going to take some effort to get it running. As the VPN routes the traffic through a server hosted somewhere else, the program needs some tweaking to access your content. And since VPNs are becoming more necessary in the modern world due to the amount of data tracking and mining taking place everywhere, stopping using one is not a solution.

If you want to access your content remotely, you will encounter similar problems anyway. And if you were to host your own private media server, it would require a virtual private network to ensure a secure connection. So keep in mind that a VPN is most likely going to be part of the mix, and you should start checking out the available services like NordVPN.

Are There Alternatives?

As with every new service that provides real value, it doesn’t take long for a whole pile of competition to pop up. While Plex is a great choice to organize your media, know there are viable alternatives. Kodi is one choice that is pretty well known. It has many users around the world, and it has a well-established fanbase.

The Bottom Line:

Most people try to keep organized in life. And things such as the media are typically put on the backburner. It is always nice to have a helping hand to get these tasks done, and even better when it opens up your options. If you crave your entertainment anywhere and everywhere, a service like Plex is going to be right up your alley.