Recently Fornite came up with a brand new “Space” theme for season 3. Which has led many Fortnite fans to imagine and expect some meteor strike at the end of the game? Also, in the third season, many main items have noticed to be space-relating. That includes astronaut outfits, linking more to the idea of a meteor-strike to happen. So just check out this When will the Meteor Hit Tilted Towers article.

When is meteor hitting tilted towers Meteor in sky

What is Buzz?

The meteor is building up as a matter of subject among Fortnite fans. The rumor started after seeing something like a meteor or comet in the sky in the past few weeks. It is also believed to be growing bigger and bigger on seeing from various angles and therefore seems closer to map, by some fans. My many Fortnite fans have also claimed that the meteor is likely to hit the Tilted Tower.

Why Tilted Towers?

When is meteor hitting tilted towers Why Tiltted Towers

Along with one of the game’s most famous drop points. The tilted tower has been the most controversial location on the battle map, which gives a reason to think that might be the Epic game is planning to remove Tilted tower from the battle. This can be either permanent or as a temporary feature, which could be excellent news for some of the Fortnite fans. Some fans have also claimed to found evidence to have a new crater site once Tilted tower has been destroyed, which is believed to be currently under the site location where Tilted tower stands. This likely increases the chances of getting a new map of the battleground, too, with better player dispersion in the future.

(Revealed) When will the Meteor Hit Tilted Towers in Fornite?

  • Now the most critical questions for Fortnite fans would be when actually meteor is going to hit Tilted tower in Fortnite? Of which the answer is likely to give in reports as an addition. Recently some new random controller vibrations were added to the game, which is believed to be an Easter egg message in some Morse code by those tracking them.

When is meteor hitting tilted towers

  • It has been claimed to be spelled out SOS 5D 418 by the players on Reddit and Twitter. This can be presumed as a hidden message for Fortnite players. According to some fans, 5D is the Tilted tower’s location on the map, and 418 can be 4/18, which means Wednesday, April 18.
  • However, none of such thing happened, and the fans are expecting it to be on the very last day of the season, i.e., Monday, 30th April.
  • But as the 30th of April is underway, and no such significant difference was noticed, and fans are still expecting it lately, and new theories are coming up as well.

What are Shooting Stars?

Some of the fan‘s attention is distracted by the meteors to some other smaller meteorites or say it is shooting stars, which have been noticed by some fans. Although scientifically, shooting stars are meteor’s left behind fragments. But as the Fortnite skies have been claimed to be full of stars, chances are there that Tilted tower might not be its only target.

Shooting Stars

What Do Fans think about this Conclusion?

While some of the Fortnite fans are busy thinking meteors-strike on Tilted tower. Although, some fans say that the meteor would be hitting Dusty Depot instead of Tilted tower. There are some other fans, who believe that this is not a meteor but some large egg-shaped object. It can be an alien spaceship (UFO), which is ready to invade. This may arise to new Save the world theme with some new terrifying events. It can even open doors for other such new great changes for season 4.

Season 3 end

Still, the most important matter of fact is that the development team has not shared any official line or information. They have said nothing about the meteor/comet in the sky or any meteor-strike on the island till now. The chances are that this all maybe just be a rumor. Based on what fans have found or interpreted, possibly to seek the attention of players and fans.

Bottom Line:

So this is all about this When will the Meteor Hit Tilted Towers guiding article. I hope you like it.

The chances are that, unlike the not much exciting ending and arrival of season 2 and season 3, respectively. These all are series for an excellent end for season 3. And even more critical starting of the upcoming season 4. Who knows, next time you log in, maybe you see the same base or the whole destroyed Tilted tower. Perhaps the development team!