Nowadays, our smartphones form such an integral part of our lives that phone problems are just inconvenient, not to mention downright annoying. While some software problems can be easily fixed DIY style, this likely won’t solve all of your hardware issues.

When Should You Bring Your Cell Phone To A Repair Shop

Let’s take a look at the various scenarios where you should consider taking your phone to a repair shop:

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(Guide) When Should You Bring Your Cell Phone To A Repair Shop?

Water Damage –

Nowadays, phones are built with waterproof functionality, but not every phone can survive water damage. If your phone gets wet, the first thing you do is to power it off, remove your SIM card, and battery if possible, and wipe it dry.

Water Damage

Let it aerate naturally for at least 24-hours before you attempt to turn it on again. If it does not turn on, you have to take it to the nearest cell phone repair shop.

Also, the myth about dunking your phone in rice isn’t true. Phone repair experts claim that if you do want to dunk your phone into something that draws out moisture, you should try placing the phone in a sealed container with silica gel instead.

Hard Falls –

Dropping your phone is so commonplace these days that some people rarely even think about it. Protective cases can only protect your phone to a certain degree and, most of the time, this protection only applies to the surface layer of the phone.

Hard Falls

Some hard drops will cause your screen to crack or cause visible dents on the exterior casing of the phone. However, there are hard drops where no visible damage can be seen, but internal damage has already occurred.

The usual issues with a hard drop include dislodged charging mechanisms, components knocked about, and, in some cases, internal damage to major components. When your phone won’t start or begins to act erratically, make sure you take it to a phone repair shop immediately. Spotting what went wrong internally is not a job that you can DIY.

Broken Screens & Exterior –

As mentioned earlier, this could have been the result of a hard fall, but it should be fixed as soon as possible. Broken phones compromise waterproof and dustproof seals. They also make the phone harder to use and, if dropped again, could worsen the overall situation and kill your phone permanently.

Broken Screens and Exterior

Having a cracked cell phone screen isn’t cool, even if the trend says otherwise. It will take a while before your phone can self-heal, so in the meantime you have to get them checked.

Even if you happen to bend your phone, chances are you can still get it fixed by a professional phone repair specialist. If the phone has completely shut down, there is no need to worry because you might always be able to salvage the rest of the other components. It’s better to have to pay for a couple of replacement parts than to buy an entirely new phone.

In some cases, a simple chassis fix and the replacement of minor components have resulted in the full functionality of a bent phone.

Battery Doesn’t Last as Long as it Should –

The battery on your phone has limitations. Due to the chemical reactions that occur in it, it will only last for a finite number of recharge cycles before it naturally degrades over time. A battery replacement is a common phone maintenance issue.

Battery Doesn’t Last as Long as it Should

There are battery replacement kits and batteries that you can purchase online, but it doesn’t mean that you should replace your battery by yourself. Opening up a phone isn’t as easy as it was in the past. There are now waterproof sealants that have to be sealed properly, and there is a risk of damaging the components inside your phone.

Getting a professional to do it is a more cost-effective approach because you make use of expert help and won’t risk damaging your phone.

Twitchy Touch Screen –

Most phones nowadays come with a touch screen, and a display with a twitchy screen or ghost touch— wherein the screen sets off gestures on its own—is something that should worry you. You will not be able to utilize your phone to its fullest capacity if it has screen damage. Moreover, ghost touch or other touchscreen issues are not things that you can solve by yourself.

Twitchy Touch Screen

In some cases, it could just be a piece of hardware that is protruding and causing pressure on the screen, but, sometimes, it could be indicative of screen failure. You will not be able to diagnose these issues on your own, and it is best to ask a professional for help.

DIY Can’t Fix Everything –

Not everything in life can be solved through DIY means; sometimes, it takes a professional to get the results you really need. Take note of the signs listed above to know when you should bring your cell phone to a repair shop.