Since its release, Airpods have been an exciting trend among Apple followers and Tech lovers. Its magnetic features are so compelling that Apple sold over 35 million Airpods by the End of 2018. I want to emphasize that this figure is nearly six months old, and by now, Apple would have sold more than 50 million Airpods. The Uproar Airpods have been created in the last few years and have made everybody wonder When were AirPods Released. In this When were AirPods Released article, we will go through the date and features of this brilliant device.

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When were AirPods Released? Date, Features & Much more

AirPods first came out at a larger-than-life Apple event. They were released along with other new Apple products such as Apple iPhone 7, Apple Watch, and so on. The audience greeted the Airpods warmly. To date, Airpods stands out in the Bluetooth wireless headphones segment with their unique design, processing, and uninterrupted magical sound quality. Apple released the upgrade of AirPods with Wireless Charging Case on the March 25th Keynote Event at Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California.

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On September 7, 2016, Apple announced a revolutionary wireless headphone device. It was Named AirPods for its unique design, lightweight, and truly wireless experience. Other Noticeable products Apple released along with AirPods were iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. When Apple Came out with the design of Airpods, Many critics mocked the AirPods by saying they looked exactly like the Apple Earpods with their Wires Cut off.

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Over the years, AirPods have gained a prominent place in the wireless HeadPhones market and are also the most Popular Wearable brand of 2019.

when were airpods released

Here are the Features of the Latest Airpods with Wireless Charging case, which was launched on 25th March 2019 at the Apple keynote event. They have upgraded from the W1 chip to the H1 chipset and offer a Better talk time.

Release Date25 March 2019
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
ChipsetH1 Chipset
Battery398 Mah
PowerSingle Charge Gives you 5 Hours of Listening Time | 93 Milliwatt | More than 24 hours of listening time | Up to 18 hours of talk time
ProtectionWater-repelling Coating on Chipset |
AccessibilityLive Listen Audio7
SensorsDual optical sensors | Speech-detecting accelerometer | Dual beamforming microphones Motion-detecting accelerometer
CompatibilityiPhone | iPad | iMac | Apple TV
Weight0.14 ounces (each)


Finally, this was my take on the Apple Airpods release date. Comment your views about this. When were AirPods Released article, and let me know if you would like me to cover a product of your choice. Have a nice day!