Currently, there are many Bluetooth earphones present in the market, but Xiaomi’s LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Necklace which launched recently has become the talk of the town due to its incredibly unique features. With a unique ergonomic design, offers excellent music experience to its customers. If you are confused in which earphone you have to take for your own then here is a review of Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Necklace Earbuds presented to you so that you can decide it yourself which Bluetooth headset you should opt for.


Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Review Bluetooth Earphones Necklace Earbuds

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(Buying Guide) Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Review Bluetooth Earphones Necklace Earbuds Deal Price

At a Glance:

Charging Time2 hr
CompatibilityMobile phones and iPhone
Bluetooth VersionV4.1
Music Time8 hr
Standby Time200 hr
Dimensions85.00 x 5.00 x 3.00 cm / 33.46 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches
Weight0.0400 kg
Line Length 0.85m
Battery Capacity137 mAh
Price$85.99 only
ConnectivityBluetooth, wireless
Sensitivity100 dB
Connecting Interface Micro USB

So, here we are showing you everything about on this Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Necklace Earbuds. So that you can get to know more about on it & one Offer for you here inside in this, i.e., you can Grab it at a very Discounted Offer Price from here too. So, go get one for you or you can also Gift it to someone.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Features & Specifications –

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Design:

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music with no noise and no unwanted disturbance, then the dual drivers (balanced and armature driver) has made it for you to receive CD-grade sound to make your music experience loveable and the best one. Because of very compact design, the Earphones are portable to your office, work or where ever you want to take them with your selves. Thus become an excellent companion for you wherever you go.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Design

The design is ergonomically so that you can wear it comfortably. The light-weight and the cozy comfort which these headphones offer to you and will amaze you with its comfortable and you can use it for long without fatigue. The design is classic and elegant. The thin design of the headphones is equipped with tiny machinery which is necessary to give a classic and elegant look to earphones. The slight unique design of these earphones makes them to stand out from other headphones. While the elegant design, still these earphones are equipped with a lot of features, let us discuss the features at a glance.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones dynamic Balance

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Sound Quality:

With the help of dual drivers, these headphones are able to provide CD stereo sound quality. These headphones support AAC (Advanced audio coding) which helps you to have good sound quality without noise. These headphones automatically cling with your ears and provide comfort while receiving fantastic music experience.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones 360 Sound

The CD stereo supports RAC decoding which makes the sound very clear. If you love bass, then the 360-degree technology of these earphones will amaze you, and you should go with this model of  Xiaomi headphones.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Battery Capacity:

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Battery

These headphones are equipped with excellent battery backup of 137 mAh which offers you to listen to 8 hours music continuously and provides you 200 hour standby time. So whenever you have to go on a long trip, these headphones are the best choice for you.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Magnetic EarBuds:

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Magnetic Earbuds

Both the headphones (right and left) have magnet thus helps you to have more comfort, and you need not worry about dropping the headphones when you don’t wear it in your ears because both earphones connect with each other through magnetic attraction. So get ready to hand it around your neck without worrying about the dropping of the headphones. So, now forget about the tangling of the chords which is really very irritating all the time.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Material:

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Look

These headphones are made up of ABS material with a little mix of Aluminum metal in it, the combination makes it really high-quality soft material and matte metal. Thus this is really durable and offers you high-quality sound even at the very noisy place. This material makes it a better choice for all the music fanciers.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Ports & Buttons:

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Ports

These earphones are equipped with three very small buttons and a very smallest port for the charging and the charging takes just two hours. The three buttons are play/pause, volume up and volume down buttons. You can also change the song track with these buttons without picking up your phone thus provides you more comfort.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Connectivity Option:

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Connectivity

These headphones can connect to your mobile phones or iPhones wirelessly so that you can do hand free calls and connect with your friends and relatives easily. This headphone is equipped with Bluetooth and microphone thus enables you to connect your mobile phone with headphones and you can enjoy hands-free calls and listen to music wirelessly. The wireless connection offers you the convenience so you don’t need to carry wires (cables) with you when you have to leave your home.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Connectivity:


These headphones run on V4.1 Bluetooth version. You can connect your headphones via Bluetooth and can enjoy wireless calling and music.  Wireless connectivity is always easiest and most convenient option which you should opt for yourself and makes you have better connection without disturbance.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Pros & Cons –

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Pros:

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Good Design
Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Cons:
  • A bit costly for an earphone but if you don’t look at the price & just thinking about Quality Product with Feature then go for it.



With the unique, tiny, compact and elegant design, Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY becomes a number one user’s choice, and if you will buy these, you will stand out from the crowd because of the unique design and specifications. And when it comes to your comfort, the cozy design and the magnetic earbuds makes you feel comfortable. The strong battery backup and the portable design make it possible to take yourself wherever you go and this can become your best companion at very long trips. These earphones offer you comfort when you are meditating or exercising because you don’t have to handle long cables and need not worry about dropping. The magnetic earbuds and the light weight make it number one choice when you are meditating with sounds.

So whether there are lots of options available for you in the market still the design and specification of this Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY earphones make it stand out from the crowd. Thus this earphone has won the race with its amazing features.

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