[SOLVED ] Error 29 Code Problem Instantly (100% Working)

If you don’t know that why you are getting and facing the Error 29 code problem on your iPhone Device, then you must surely have to check out this below post to get the best and the easy, helpful guide for fixing and solving this error problem completely.

Error code 29 is also related to the battery or battery connection problem too.  This error may also happen when there are hardware changes to your phone or any other third-party hardware components are installed.

When you tried to update or upgrade or restore it to IOS 7 or to the latest version of iTunes it gives you this type of error problem.

This shows a Code error message like,

Error 29

Error 29

The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred.

Causes of Error 29 Code Problem:

  • iPhone 4s error issue
  • Error in MySQL
  • Hardware error
  • File not found
  • locked in recovery mode

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So, here are some quick tips and the tricks for easily fixing and solving this type of Error 29 code problem from you permanently.

How to fix and solve Error 29 Code Problem:-

For APPLE Device:-

1. By Editing the Command Line in the Terminal –

Hosts File

  • On your MAC
  • Go to the ‘Applications‘ folder
  • Now navigate to the ‘Utilities‘ folder
  • Launch “Terminal.”
  • Type “sudo nano/etc/hosts” (without quotes) & hit return
  • Enter your Password
  • Use the down arrow key to find the ‘gs.apple.com‘ entries
  • Once the cursor is in front, make sure you comment out the line(s) by entering ‘#‘ in front of text
  • Save the file by pressing ‘CTRL+O‘ there
  • Exit the nano editor by pressing ‘CTRL+X.’
  • I found ‘CTRL+X‘ didn’t exit for me,
  • So, try ‘return‘ key after ‘CTRL+O‘ to save & exit
  • Now, restore your device
  • That’s it, done

By Editing the GS Command Line in the Terminal can easily fix and solve this type of error 29 problems.

2. Restore your iPhone Phone without SIM Card –

Restore without SIM Card

  • Remove the SIM Card
  • Restart the Device
  • Now, connect to iTunes
  • Start the ‘Restore‘ process
  • That’s it

By restoring without SIM card can easily fix and solve this Error 29 problem.

3. Do a Factory Reset of your iPhone –

Do a Factory Reset of your iPhone

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on the ‘General‘ option
  • Now, click on “Reset & Approve” option there
  • That’s it, done

By doing a factory reset of your iPhone can also fix this Error code 29 problems.

4. Replace your iPhone Device Battery –

Replace your iPhone Battery

By replacing your iPhone battery can get you rid out of this Error Code 29 problem.


1. By Deleting the GS Command line on Notepad or Wordpad –

Hosts File

  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on ‘Programs.’
  • & now click on ‘Accessories‘ option there
  • Run ‘Notepad or Wordpad‘ there
  • Now, click on ‘Open‘ from file menu
  • Browse to ‘Windows/System32/drivers/etc’ there
  • In “Files of Type:” option select all documents
  • Now open “Hosts.”
  • Delete all line that has ‘gs.apple.com‘ or something like that
  • Now, click on Save to save it
  • Now, restore your device
  • That’s it, done

By Deleting the GS Command line on Notepad or Wordpad can also fix your error problem from windows.

These are the quick and the best way methods to get quickly rid out of this Error 29 code problem from you entirely. Hope these solutions will surely help you to get back from this error problem.

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