For most of the computer history, users had little options other than to go for hard disk drives or HDD when it came to storage. In fact, the vast bulk of computer users hardly even heard of the term SSD until fairly recently. However, in recent times, Solid State Disk storage systems have become increasingly popular, and many computer users nowadays prefer to use them over the traditional hard drives. SSDs, also known as Solid State Disk, are storage systems that mainly function under the principle of flash memory. So let’s have a closer look at the SSDs, their basic functioning, and how they are different from the traditional HDD.

Solid-State Drives

An HDD works as a spinning hard drive that stores different forms of data on a computer. Unlike information stored and processed by RAM, the data kept in hard drives do not go away simply because the system has been turned off. The HDD consists of a metal component with the magnetic coating which stores the data. This data can be read when the platters of the hard drive are spinning. SSDs performs all the functions that are typically handled by traditional HDD. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the data remains stored on multiple flash memory chips that are interconnected with one another.

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(Guide) All you Need to Know About Solid State Disk

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Solid State Disk (SSD) –

The chips used in a Solid State Disk can be distributed or implemented in a number of different ways. For instance, they can be installed permanently on the motherboard of a computing system. This is something we often find in ultra-portable and small laptops. Alternatively, the chips can be installed on a PCIe or PCI Express card that comes with various consumer systems or high-end workstations. The most widely available form in which SSDs and their flash chips are available is in the shape of a compactly designed box that can be connected or installed within the hard drive of a laptop or desktop. Such flash memory chips function in a way that is different from the USB thumb drives; they are also a lot faster and more reliable. It is due to this reason that the SSDs typically come at a much higher price range than the USB thumb drives have the same capacities.


There are a number of reasons as to why many people are nowadays choosing to shift to SSDs instead of HDD. While it is true that most manufacturers of HDD still strongly recommend users to invest in hard disk drives, the thing is that users of SDD can benefit from such products in a multitude of ways. Firstly, Solid State Disk store all kinds of data in a much more secure way, thus ensuring complete protection of data from the harmful effects of magnetization. Since the Solid State Disk uses entirely different technology, they offer more excellent safety and security when one is looking to store various types of sensitive information or transfer data from one computing system to another. Solid State Disk is also perfect for gamers as they can truly enhance the performance of their PCs. The SSDs can improve the speed and accuracy of the game rendering, which means that gamers can enjoy completely lag-free gaming for long hours.

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