As we realize it or not, A.I and Smart home technology are quickly becoming part of our lives as they are embedded into more and more objects we use on a daily basis being integrated into everyday appliances including speaker systems, light bulbs, security cameras, power switches, door locks, smoke detectors, …the list goes on. And today in this Ambi Climate 2 Review article we are going to give you Ambi Climate 2 Review which can convert your dumb AC into the smarter one by giving it some enhanced controlling features.

Ambi Climate 2 Review

(Overview) Ambi Climate 2 Review: AI-Based Enhanced AC Controller

Compared to the original Ambi Climate, this new version sports a similar yet more minimalistic black-and-white design, which is topped off with a shinier finish plus a touch of wood at the bottom. Other than that the three old LED indicators are now combined into one in the form of Ambi Labs’ logo: it blinks yellow rapidly when booting up, pulses yellow when ready for setup, glows teal when connected and blinks when responding to a command. & here we are doing the Ambi Climate 2 Review.

With the Ambi Climate 2, you just tell the app if you’re too hot, too cold, or just right with a simple tap, and the Ambi Climate will adjust your air conditioner accordingly. As with the Nest Learning Thermostat, this means there’s a learning curve of a few days until the system collects enough data about your preferences to work autonomously; but once that’s done, it works well.

Ambi Climate 2 Review

Ambi Climate 2 Setup Process –

When setting up the Ambi Climate 2 for the first time, you may find that it isn’t as intuitive as it should be. Apart from having minutes of setup waiting time for a QoL-enhancing product, its indicative lights are, well, not very indicative. It can be difficult to distinguish between when its orange light is “breathing” or “blinking slowly.”

  • The Android or iOS Ambi Climate app and log in to the AMBI cloud. You can share the app with others to control the same AC with different smartphones.
  • Firstly you have to place the Ambi Climate 2 with a line-of-sight to the AC (in other words it works where the AC remote works).
  • Plug in the micro-USB 5V/1A charger (supplied) – any USB charger will work as well.
  • After that, use the app to pair it to the home Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz.
  • Then you have to set the location using the GPS map.
  • Name the property
  • Name the room
  • Then, in the end, you have to select your AC, or it can learn from your remote
  • That is it!

It also took me more than one try to set it up, as the network could not be linked within my first two attempts, despite the app indicating that it was ready to be paired. I ended up having to repeat the process multiple times the process seemed more time-consuming than it should have been, but it could be an issue unique to me only.

Ambi Climate 2 Review

Ambi Climate 2 Features & Modes –

Ambi Climate 2 offers many different features with its four different modes.

  • Manual Mode: Let us talk about the first mode, and with the help of this mode you don’t want to change anything but just want to use the smartphone as a remote you can do that as well as you’ll get the digital readouts.
  • Comfort Mode: During this mode, Ambi Climate 2 uses AI to learn over time how you prefer your climate.
  • Temperature Mode: It is a rather simple mode because this mode allows you to set the manual temperature in the room and the humidity.
  • Away Mode: It is an exciting mode because you can set thresholds for either temperature or when you leave your particular house where you have the air-conditioning. Then Ambi Climate will turn off, and this saves you on energy, or if you go to a specific temperature, then it will turn on again saving you energy.

Finally, a Smart Home Device That Delivers What It Says:

The Ambi Climate 2 consists of the same set of sensors as before to monitor temperature, humidity plus sunlight, and it also collects local weather data. That’s right, temperature alone isn’t the only contributor to the feel of a room, so when the user taps in feedback on a scale of “freezing” to “hot” in the user’s smartphones set Comfort Mode, the device will remember all of these parameters to understand one’s preferences better. Another exciting feature of Ambi Climate 2 is that it also tracks the time of day, as it will make slight adjustments to suit our metabolic cycle.

Ambi Climate 2 Review

Ambi Climate will be able to automatically adjust the air conditioner for the user after some usage and learning, as opposed to the user having to find the remote control or tap the app every time. On top of Comfort Mode, Ambi Climate also offers a Temperature Mode, an Away Mode, and a Manual Mode, as well as a timer and a scheduling feature.

If you’re the owner of a Google Home or Alexa unit, you can even link them up and control the Ambi Climate 2 through a vocal command at home. A really understated perk, as you’re now able to change the AC’s temperature at night without having to turn on the lights to search for your remote control.

What Makes Ambi Climate 2 Different?

When we talk about what makes this AI-based smart AC controller different is that it’s the world’s first AI-powered controller for air conditioners. If we talk about the main difference with Ambi Climate 2 is that with air conditioners today you can only really set a temperature. But other than that, there are so many other factors that affect your comfort in your home.

If we talk about the controlling of AC according to the weather then things like humidity and sunlight coming into the room, changing the weather outside, and stuff like that, one of the key differences with Ambi Climate 2 is that instead of setting just a temperature you can tell it through the app, how you feel right now. You can also use voice commands to control the Ambi Climate 2, but only if you have an Alexa-compatible device. Other than that, you can also integrate it with other smart home gear via IFTTT, too.


Wrapping Up:

During our Ambi Climate 2 Review, we must say that it is the most high-tech A/C controller I’ve used. After reviewing this Ambi Climate 2 Review Product, we have to say that its artificial intelligence is genuinely impressive at managing the temperature inside a room. It would be even better if it were compatible with a broader range of air conditioners, it will keep you more comfortable on the hot summer days that are coming.

We hope you all love our article on Ambi Climate 2 Review and it will be helpful for you in having a device which can control and make your dumb AC into the smart one. If you love our work, then we would like to know about it, and you can do so by commenting down below.

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