In order to grow your business, Email marketing is one of the sure-shot techniques. However, in this sea full of Email Marketing and Automation tools choosing the best that suits your need can be a bit challenging. In this situation, it is better that you go with a service that is mature enough to understand automation and email marketing. A service that not only provides you with quality features but is also trustworthy. Keeping all these things in mind the only service that comes to mind is Aweber. In this Aweber review, we will see all its offerings, features, prices, and plans.

aweber review

Aweber is a simple-to-use email marketing and marketing automation platform that can help you grow your business much faster. It features a vast collection of templates to choose from, drag and drop newsletter customizer for personalized emails, you can use the campaign feature to set autoresponder based on user actions, there is a built-in landing page builder as well. All in all a powerful tool to boost your business growth. 

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An Overview Of Aweber

Unlike most email marketing software, Aweber is not a new brand in fact it has been around us for a very long time. Aweber was Founded in 1998 and now it has been over 23 years of success. According to the company, there are more than one million happy customers. In our usage, we also review Aweber as the best-in-class email marketing and automation tool. Below are some of the most used tools and features of Aweber by small businesses and Individuals.

  • Build quality responsive landing pages
  • Load and manage contacts
  • Send instant push notifications
  • Send attractive emails, and analyze results
  • Create a mailing list and capture data
  • Design newsletters
  • Automate your email marketing
  • View and analyze statistics 

 Aweber Review: Tools, Features, Plans & Pricing Details 

In this section of the Aweber review, we will be talking in detail about all the things that make it one of the best and widely used Email Marketing software. We will be discussing all of its core features, tools, and the pricing of each plan.

Newsletter & Email Customization

A good email design or newsletter is a great way to engage with your subscribers. Depending upon the user actions you have to create a particular email. With that in mind, Aweber is the most powerful email customizer in the market and tops when it comes to the variety of templates. You can choose from over 700 beautiful templates; you can further customize the chosen template as per your likings thanks to drag-and-drop builder. If you think that you can be a bit more creative, within Aweber you can use Canva as well to unleash your creativity. All the templates are responsive so that they automatically adjust the size depending upon the device you view them.

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Choose from 700 Beautiful Template
  • Responsive Templates
  • Canva Integration
  • Customize various elements including headings, text, images, buttons, signatures, and videos

aweber review


For those who do not know, autoresponders are follow-up emails that are triggered to send automatically on an assigned action or scheduled time. In our Aweber autoresponder review, we found that this service works really well. The very first advantage of the feature is that it saves your time as you do not have to manually send an email to each subscriber. Secondly, it is almost impossible to keep track of each user’s action but with this nifty tool, it is taken care of. 

aweber review

Suppose someone enters your website and signs up as a subscriber. Instantly a welcome email will be sent on their mail. After a few days that might receive an email regarding the recommended product or services. Again after a few days that receive discount coupons etc. And all this is done automatically you just have to schedule the emails.

Marketing Automation

Consider Marketing automation a more advanced autoresponder. Here you need to go through some advanced, action-based functionality a.k.a‘if this then that functionality. So here you need to create a flowchart or you can choose from the pre-made flowcharts and customize them as per your requirements. This flowchart will contain certain actions (email opens, link clicks, site visits, purchases made, etc) and their triggered response as an email. So every time an action for example; a link is clicked by your subscriber then an automated email regarding that link will be sent. This email may contain some additional information that belongs to the clicked link. One more thing to notice here is that Aweber reviews to be one of the best marketing tools according to a latest survey.

aweber review

Landing pages

Let’s take this aweber email marketing review to another crucial part of a widely used marketing scheme. Whether you are selling products or services you need a Landing page that is designed so well that it displays all the highlights of your product/service. You must have come across landing pages several times usually they have attractive pictures, big text, product advantages, email forms, etc, there very persuasive in nature. The aim of the Landing page is to capture as much data as possible in one or two pages.

With Aweber, you can design your very own landing page easily. Simply choose from ready-made templates after that use the drag and drop builder to further customize by adding and editing text, images, and video and make it more effective. 

Each template that you find in Aweber is responsive so that you do not have to spend extra time designing the same thing for multiple devices. And as you already know that there is built-in canva integration that means you have full freedom in terms of customization and design.

aweber review

Split Testing (A/B testing)

This feature allows you to send variants of a particular email or newsletter with some changes. This is very helpful in order to test out the best possible version of a newsletter so that you can understand your subscribers better. A better newsletter will help you in understanding the interests of the subscribers and generating profits. So what are the possible changes you can make well, you can create a different heading, content, subject, sender name etc. Once created you can send a particular variant to a set of subscribers and another variant to a different set of subscribers. After that using the Analytics feature you can find out which one was better in terms of user response.

aweber review

Analytics & Reports

Designing newsletters, split testing, automation is important, but one thing that comes on the top is the analytics. How well your new version of the email is liked by the subscribers, how many of them actually clicked on that buy now button etc. All the metrics and numbers can be checked and assessed by the built-in Aweber analytics tool. With help of this powerful tool, you can drive all your thinking to create a better service. In this tool, you can keep track of the following metrics.

  • Clickthroughs rates
  • Bounce back rates
  • List growth over time
  • The geographical location of most active people
  • Keep track of Per user activity

aweber review

Push notifications

Push notifications are nowadays a widely used medium to attract potential subscribers and customers. The working of push notifications is very simple, they work like any simple notification. For example, whenever a user opens their browser or browsing the web they get a pop window with a small message.

aweber review

This message can be an action button containing a link to your product page, it can be a reminder message as well. Push notification always receives a better reaction from people because checking the mail every now and then is not possible; however, a subtle notification can be helpful to remind people of your website.

Form builder

No matter whether it’s a Landing page, blog, or product/service website one core part of such websites is Sign-up forms. A user can use this form to become a subscriber, a user can use this basic form to ask for more detailed information about your product/service. All in all a really solid way to generate new leads for your business. However, the creation of a form can be tough especially if you are new. Thankfully if you are a part of Aweber subscription, this problem can be minimized to almost negligible. With the built-in form editor, you can configure almost all the aspects of a form like Add, remove, edit, change color, etc.

aweber review

Atom App

Atom App is another nice feature by AWeber. This app can be very handy to add new subscribers especially when you meet new people. Atom app is basically a form; open the app and you can add contact information like the name and email of new people. Once added this app will automatically sync to your mailing list. Once the person is on your mailing list he/she can receive all the automated follow-up emails that you configured on the flowchart or the autoresponder.

aweber review

Customer support

Customer is something is one of most important thing if you are subscribing to any service or buying any product. Without good customer support, the overall user experience can become better. If you are just starting out or facing difficulty in understanding a feature you will always be certain that someone can help you.  So if you are worried about Aweber communications reviews, well you can rest assured. With their 24/7 customer support have do not have to worry about a thing.

aweber review


Aweber Pricing, Plans & Referal Program

Now let’s talk about the Plans and Pricing of the Aweber. Currently, there are two plans that can be used. The free plan offers you to have 500 email subscribers for 30 days trial. On the other hand, the Pro plan prices vary according to the number of email subscribers.

Below is a detailed view of the free and pro plan pricing.

Monthly BillingQuarterly BillingYearly Billing
Pro Plan0-500$19.99$49$193.80
2,501 – 5,000$49.99$139$553.80
5,001 – 10,000$69.99$199$793.80
10,001 – 25,000$149.99$439$1,753.80
Free Plan0-500

If you have under 500 subscribers and planning to try it first then the free plan is really great as it contains the majority of the features that you see in the Pro plan.

Now let’s go through Aweber affiliate program review or the referral program. So according to this program, you can make easy money by showing how effective Aweber is to small business owners, individual bloggers, content creators. Once they sign up up for AWeber Pro using your referral link you will get recurring 30% referral payments for the lifetime of an account.

Final Words:

With this being the end of the Aweber review guide it can be clearly said that it is a great all-in-one platform to manage, customize, build your marketing requirements. Talking of the Pricing and plans it is very simple to understand and it is really great the even the free plan offers the majority of the pro features.

We hope that this review guide has given you a closer look at the Aweber and its features. Thank you!