Just a couple of years ago, game lovers were tied to the stationary computer with a bunch of wires, interrupted at the most interesting place, and forced to go to school or work. The evolution of gadgets has stepped far ahead and is ready to equip the novice and experienced gamer with mobile devices so that you can be in the game 24/7. Here are the top accessories that can multiply your gameplay. And to fully enjoy the games, we advise you to contact do my paper for me service and not to lose your grades.

Best Mobile Gadgets for Gamers

Poco F4 GT

Here is an impressive performance and a set of unique features gadget designed for true hardcore gamers. The retractable trigger buttons are perfect for shooters. The brightness, contrast, and 120 Hertz refresh rate are worthy of nothing but compliments.

The performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor does not matter because it is probably the best mobile chip on the Android platform at the moment. It has a powerful cooling system, which keeps the temperature of the smartphone low even after a long match. And the device is also in the world’s top 3 most powerful smartphones at the moment, according to the Antutu benchmark.

And let the battery capacity is not a record (4700mAh), but just 20 minutes at the socket, and you are back in the game with a charge of 100%. 5G networks, contactless NFC payment, a refined MIUI shell based on Android 12, and a fearless price will be a bonus to its purchase.

Overhead Triggers

Once you’ve got the right device, it’s time to pump it up a bit. And let’s start with the most accessible and primitive way.

The attachable triggers are attached to the smartphone and can turn it into a gamepad with two or even four additional keys. And now your character’s speed will increase to 17 shots in two seconds! An indispensable accessory for fans of shooters, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty.

A Full-Fledged Gamepad

Playing strategy on the sensor is fine, soccer – somewhat, but fans of fighting games and racing need a gadget more serious. The gamepad connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and easily turns your device into a portable game console. If money is not crucial for you, the Razer Raiju Mobile is perfect. It’s a premium controller designed specifically to work with smartphones. Other brands have tried to copy a similar design, but it didn’t come out very well in terms of quality.


The next important accessory for mobile gaming that every gamer should get is quality headphones. The higher the price, the more chips in the form of backlighting, extended cable, and premium materials. If you can live without all of this and the cooling gel in the pads is not worth your expenses, then feel free to choose the most inexpensive headphones. If your budget is not limited, have fun. The main thing – give preference to the headset with a built-in microphone, so you won’t have to run to the store for it if you suddenly are going to shoot online. If we talk about sound quality, then everything is very simple. The bigger the diameter of the speaker, the better the bass sound. And since the standard headphone jack is a thing of the past, it is better to buy Bluetooth or USB-C headphones.

Virtual Reality Glasses

With virtual reality glasses, you can play special VR games and view the 3D video on your smartphone. The screen here is the smartphone display, which is inserted into a special compartment. Control the game using the buttons on the glasses, a special controller, or a gamepad. VR glasses are compatible with smartphones equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer.