Everybody has their own preference and choice. But when it comes to playing the games that we used to when we were kids that were supported only by older consoles have always been a memorable part of our childhood. From PlayStation to the SNES, there were many iconic games, and some of them are even considered exceptional even by the present standard. Many of those games are re-released for newer consoles, but at times original one is the best as it has a Nostalgic feel whenever we think about them. And the good news is with the help of numerous emulators, and you can now play all these games whenever you want to on your Android through best PS3 Emulator for Android Download.

Let’s take a look at some of the best PS3 Emulator for Android Download Free latest version. But, you should remember that emulators have a finicky nature, and at times they will work flawlessly, and at other times they won’t allow which cannot be helped.

PS3 Emulator for Android

So here we are showing you some top best PS3 Emulator for Android download free latest version for you.

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[Top 8] Best PS3 Emulator for Android Download Free (Latest Versions)

C64.emu (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

C64[Price: $3.99]

The most stable emulator that is present currently is the C64.emu. It can support several formats, and it seems to work well with things like the multi-disc support. A little learning required for this emulator, but we did not face any trouble while running some old games once we were able to get them installed and running. Moreover, it also supported the FastSID and the ReSID sound modes. It should also work in both landscape and portrait mode. If $3.99 is costly, you can try Frodo C64 which is free.


ClassicBoy (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

ClassicBoy[Price: Free / $3.99]

Despite its name, this emulator is not made by the same developers who made the other “boy” emulators. ClassicBoy is among the bottom rated emulators on our list however it has a pretty little function which emulates several systems and composite app. Here some of the enclosed emulators are SNES, GameBoy Advance, PS1 and Color, Sega Genesis, and NES. It looks to work quite well, but there are few games for which the emulator has a reduced gaming compatibility than what that of an individual console emulator. And if your taste is broad and your phone storage is small and if you are in need of a composite solution, this one is a pretty good option.

ClassicBoy (Emulator)

DraStic DS (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

DraStic DS[Price: $7.99]

DraStic DS Emulator can be termed the most efficient Nintendo DS emulator that is available. It has above average controls, game compatibility, and various other necessary functions. It also supports multiple formats like the dual screen set up, many controllers, cheat codes, fast forward mode. You can also sync your game and save in the Google Drive. Our favorite feature in this is the ability to customize the placement of two DS screens such that you can play according to your comfort. It is a good emulator, even though it is somewhat expensive.

DraStic DS Emulator

Matsu (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

Matsu[Price: Free / $7.99]

The Matsu Emulator is the multi-console emulator that supports many major platforms like PlayStation, NES, Game Gear, SEGA Genesis, SNES and few others as well. The Matsu is said to be a lot more like ClassicBoy due to its multiple platform support. But, like all the other multi-console emulators out there, none of its platform support can be said to be perfect. Although, their operating can be said to be well enough taking in consideration that it is done by a single app itself. It supports all the basic lists of features present in emulators. However, the free version is bloated with advertisements, and you can always buy an upgrade to its pro version and get rid of them. The Matsu Emulator is certainly not the best and most stable PS3 Emulator for Android tablet out there, but if you can handle all the ads, it’s definitely a decent free option for your Android.

ePSXe (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

ePSXe[Price: $3.75]

You should have heard of ePSXe as it is one of the most popular PlayStation emulators for PCs. But, this newer version is for the Android port, and it is considered as one of the 2 best PS3 Emulator for Android bios free download at present. It has high compatibility and gives good performance for almost every titles. It is also equipped with the standard stuff like the configurable on-screen controls, button remapping and support for several gamepads. It also contains OpenGL plugins which can improve the performance and graphics which is especially significant since PlayStation games up-scales very poorly on the HD screens. It’s comparatively cheap.


FPse (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

FPse[Price: $3.63]

Among two recognized PlayStation 1 emulators that are available on the Google Play Store, FPse can be the better one. It has many features which also includes incredible performance and compatibility support for almost all games on PlayStation 1. Support for cheat codes is also present, game controller support, overlay control themes, support for several file extensions and also an OpenGL plugin mode which can help by adding different types of visual tweaks. It is powerful, and it also supports multiplayer mode on some games. It is a bit more complicated than the ePSXe but a better emulator if you do not mind spending some time for learning the process of using it.

FPse for Android

John GBC (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

John GBC[Price: $2.99]

John GBC is also a ‘Game Boy Color’ emulator and is among the simplest ones presently offered. It is splendid with high performance and compatibility, and it also includes several additional features, including support for the zipped files, customizable controller overlays, slow motion and fast forward modes, Bluetooth controller support, Dropbox support, turbo buttons and it can also be played without being online. Those who are wanting to urge back to the Game Boy Color classics must try this PS3 Emulator for Android APK download out.

John GBC (GBC Emulator)

MD.emu (PS3 Emulator for Android) –

MD[Price: $4.99]

It is really quite troublesome to search out an honest Sega Genesis Playstation 3 Emulator for Android, but MD.emu can meet the needs. It is an open-source Master System/Mark III and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator that can pretty much cover most of the early Sega games. It additionally supports most of the gamepads and cheats codes. It can also run in any type of orientation. There are a paid version and a free version which works pretty much in the same way, but the paid version is often updated.


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So here these are the top 8 Best PS3 Emulator for Android Download Free for you. Hope you like all PS3 Emulator for Android free download & evidently tried them once.

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