So with figures suggesting that students are more likely to use an online paper writing service, I decided to give a review of one of the highest-ranked. For those who don’t know an essay writing service is basically a company, you can seek out to complete any type of assignment or written document like an essay or book report. So let’s dive deeper into this review and take a look at getting an online essay writer at EssayPro.

Does EssayPro Live Up to its Name

Does EssayPro Live Up to its Name?

First Impressions

So upon arriving at their website, you are greeted with a professional-looking design and a modern layout. This did impress me, along with the simple ordering steps and testimonials listed. So I had a little look around and found the blog section informative, and the types of documents produced are vast. If I were a student and landed here on this site, I would think that these guys can get the job done well.

Does EssayPro Live Up to its Name

What do they offer?

So they promise to deliver whatever masterpiece of written work you desire and by the deadline specified. They claim to be able even to produce a dissertation or research paper. It is stated that they have student-friendly prices, and at the time of writing, it is 12 Dollars (American) per page, but this is only an estimate. We will get to the actual price later. Also, promising that if you are not satisfied with the work, then you do not pay for it.

Furthermore, they guarantee anonymity, so your identity is safe. I can imagine this is a nice extra for students. Along with the plagiarism-free promises and staying in touch with your writer through 24/7 chat, they seem to cover everything you might need.

Professional Experience?

I took the plunge and ordered a sample essay from them about music theory and language and how these can be related. I decided to put them through their paces. So as soon as I completed the assignment details and submitted it to them, I must have had about three offers within a minute. These were good bids as I was asking for around a five-page essay, and they were coming in at around 40 Dollars being the best price.

I decided not to jump in and wait an hour or so to see if the list of writers increased. Sure enough, when I came back to check, there must have been over 60 or more to pick from. The writers’ profiles show ratings, reviews, and how many orders completed. A writer even messaged me to say they have experience in this subject and would like to work with me.

Does EssayPro Live Up to its Name

So finally, I went with Preceptor Lisa (who wrote to me) as she had a cute photo and completed a lot of orders. I stated the deadline would be in five days’ time and she agreed. Lisa also stated she could finish the work quicker if I needed it to be, but I said that I could wait. There are some options to upload any help to the writer like materials or references, but I decided to give no help. After four days, I received an email saying I could download and review the work. Afterward, I released the payment to the writer, as I was genuinely impressed!

Upon Reflection:

The essay received was pretty good as I had not really specified many details, so it was a relatively open playing field. The experience was pretty easy-going. I managed to do the whole process with just my mobile phone. They have an app coming out soon too for your phone, so this can only be another benefit to students. The price I think is very fair for the work as the customer stays in control of the bids. I can see why this kind of service is getting more popular, especially for students.


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