Are you looking for a video editor that can ease the work of the video makers or videographers? FilmoraPro can be the solution for all YouTubers, students, and video lovers who are passionate about making videos. It has a simple interface and very easy to use.

FilmoraPro 2.0

Firstly, I was apprehensive about using this software. But to my surprise, I found FilmoraPro to be a comprehensive tool for video editing. It has been by far the best tool that I have used to date. So, recommend it strongly for all my video maker friends and for all of you who are passionate about creating video content.

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(Review) FilmoraPro – The Reason to Rejoice for YouTubers & Other Video Makers

Benefits of FilmoraPro –

  1. FilmoraPro is easy to use with flexible workspace and drag and drop interface.
  2. At a nominal price, you get this advanced video editing tool.
  3. On the timeline, you can add unlimited layers.
  4. Supports various motion tracking modes

Limitations of FilmoraPro –

  1. For rendering, the codec selection is not available.
  2. Trimming tool accuracy is not always perfect.

Basic Editing with FilmoraPro –

Launch the FilmoraPro app and click on the Create New Project option.

You are directed to the program interface, which is very similar to Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Basic Editing with FilmoraPro

According to your work, the dynamic workspace in FilmoraPro allows you to change the UI element’s layouts. Manually you can snap UI elements by dragging it as per your preference.

At the bottom left of the layout, you can find the media library panel. On the bottom right, find the timeline with meters. On top-left find the Viewer or Preview window, and trimmer tool for cutting individual clips, and the top left occupies the timeline specific tools.

Import editing artifacts in Media Manager and from one place start your project.

As soon as the import is complete, you can add clips on the timeline, and FilmoraPro is far better and more advanced than its earlier versions.

Advanced Editing Features on FilmoraPro –

  • The advanced editing controls on FilmoraPro allows you to add unlimited layers to your timeline.
  • Apart from Preset Packs available with advanced FilmoraPro, you may also add your own effects and animation.
  • From FilmoraPro preferences, find the number of shortcuts available to speed up your workflow.
  • Add custom animation elements to your timeline at any point in time.
  • Effectively make the transition from one scene to the other with the help of masks, effects, and keyframing.
  • Turn the visibility layers if multiple layers overlap at the same time in order to iron out the specific parts of your video.
  • For finishing touches, use the color correction and grading tools.
  • Use the layout tools, scopes, histogram, etc. that you can find in the control panel on the top left. It can be used for fine-tuning various video elements.
  • At a fraction of the price, you are getting a Pro tool that is housed with great features and unmatched elements to turn your video into a flawless content.
  • On the top right of the timeline panel, find the Export button. You need to log in to the Wondershare account to export the edited video content. If you use the free version of the software, the exported video has a watermark.
  • You may use FilmoraPro to export multiple movies simultaneously or work on a video while exporting another content at the same time.

To conclude, FilmoraPro is one of the most cost-effective video editing software. It is regularly updated with new effects and features to make your experience all the more satisfying. When it comes to editing videos, FilmoraPro is definitely at the top. Being a FilmoraPro unbiased fan, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Use it and create polished, high-quality videos.

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